Why does the fern wither?

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Ferns are some of the most popular plants in homes. They grow beautifully and make any room look fresh and modern. They are perfect for rooms that are decorated in classic and Scandinavian style. They can be placed in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Find out how to take care of this plant properly, as well as why ferns lose their leaves and what to do then.

What are the causes of leaf loss?

The fern seems to be an easy plant to take care of, but the truth is that many people have problems with it. Leaf loss and withering of ferns are some of the most common problems. Why does it happen? There are really many causes. One of them is improper arrangement of the fern, which has its own specific requirements and likes to grow only in suitable conditions. Additionally, there may be a problem with too frequent or infrequent watering. As a result, the plant can get too wet or too dry in the pot. It is also important that the roots of the plant have enough room to grow, If the pot is too small, this can manifest as leaves falling off.

How to care for a fern – what you should know

Having a fern in your home, you should not forget about its proper care. For this, you obviously need to know what the plant needs and what its preferences are. It is worth noting at the outset that it was originally a plant that grew in forests. Today it can also be found in wooded areas. However, it appears less and less frequently. Many housewives decide to grow ferns, because they look beautiful and bring some freshness to the rooms. The long and tiny leaves are arranged like tails and decorate walls, shelves or floors. If you too want to enjoy such lush plants in your home, find out how to take care of them.

Fertilization and nutrition of the plant

When growing ferns at home, it is very important to fertilize and nourish the plant. In gardening stores you can easily find special mixtures of fertilizers or nutrients, which are added to water or soil in the pot. These will not only make your plant look healthy and beautiful, but will also reduce the risk of it withering away or losing leaves. If the volume of its leaves increases, then it should be repotted into a larger pot

Watering and spraying the fern

As with any plant in the house – it is important to water the fern. This unique plant needs not only watering, but also sprinkling of the leaves. Ferns like moist soil by nature, so you can’t cause them to dry out. In addition, their leaves are often exposed to rain in natural conditions. For the sake of healthy potted plants, provide them with conditions similar to those they would have if they were growing outdoors. The soil in the pot should be moist, but not soaking wet. Additionally, the leaves should be sprinkled at least once a week. This will strengthen them, and what’s more, it will clean the dust perfectly.

Where to place a fern to grow nicely?

These kinds of potted green plants are not fond of too much sun, but they must not be hidden in dark corners. It is best to set them in such places where they have access to a moderate amount of sunlight. The temperature in the house must not be too high. It is better to avoid putting ferns on a windowsill in the sun or under a heater, because the leaves will immediately begin to fall off and wither.

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It turns out that taking care of a house fern is not as simple as it may seem. Follow the above-mentioned care rules and you will find that the plants in your home will flourish beautifully.

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