How often should I water my palm trees?

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There is no specific recipe for watering palm trees. And these plants require special care and commitment. It can certainly be learned, but the key is patience and keen observation. How to effectively care for a palm tree?

Every palm tree is different, and there is no single method for successful maintenance. It all depends on how quickly it drinks water, the rate at which the water evaporates, the temperature at which you keep it, and the size of the vessel in which it is kept.

There are a few rules to help you take care of it.

  1. Exotic plants do not like overdrying or excessive water.
  2. Before you water your palm tree, make sure that the soil it is in is dry, all the way to the depth of the pot. If it is, then water it.
  3. Try to keep the entire root hydrated; direct the flow of water around the palm. Don’t pour water to just one point, as the rest of the plant will not receive it. This will cause the leaves to wither despite the earlier addition of water.
  4. When watering the palm tree, try to do it once in a while in large quantities. Make sure that the plant has cut spaces in the saucer. Water that spills on the saucer should be poured out
  5. Then, if you are practicing adding fertilizer to the water, make sure to water the palm tree with plain water first and then with the fertilizer. The plant will accept the fertilizer much better without harming itself.

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