Bring autumn atmosphere to your living room. DIY Headpieces

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Fashion for DIY decorations does not pass away. Already our grandmothers and mothers knew that the most beautiful decorations are those made by ourselves. It is worth introducing a little bit of autumn into your home. Today create a unique centerpiece inspired by the colors of autumn.

Autumn, even if rainy, has its charm. It is worth drawing from it as much as possible, because autumn sparkles with different colors, smells of cinnamon, apples, orange and forest. All this beauty we can take home with us. Magical autumn atmosphere will certainly change many interiors. What is important, we do not have to use ready-made, plastic ornaments – nature gives us a whole arsenal of raw materials that we can use to create autumn decorations and ornaments.

What to use when you want to make a reed?

Just go for a walk in the garden, forest or park, and you will find everything you need in creating autumn decorations. To create natural reeds we can use

  • sticks,
  • string,
  • acorns,
  • nuts,
  • chestnuts,
  • dried flowers,
  • rowanberries,
  • leaves,
  • moss,
  • cones.

The more natural reed, the better. Nature’s gifts go beautifully together, so we don’t need to add any plastic or other artificial additives.

What to do with the gifts of nature?

A real hit of the season are autumn garlands, which can be hung on the door or placed on the table as a reed. Favorite are definitely autumn bouquets. We can make them from leaves, forming roses from them, adding cereal stalks or twigs. Such an artistic installation will look interesting and will certainly fit into the decor of any interior. A simple, but very interesting idea are also decorations made of branches. They fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style. Just find a sufficiently long bough, peel it from the bark (which can be used in another composition) and with the help of string you can attach pinecones or nuts. If we have some LED lights lying around in the closet, let’s weave them into a reed – it will add an amazing atmosphere, for example, in the living room.

Aromatic dried flowers

Who said that a reed can not be an air freshener at the same time? Just cut up an orange and a lemon and then dry them. If you have cinnamon sticks at home you can also use them to create aromatic candles. All you need is an ordinary wax candle to which you tie a cinnamon stick with a jute cord. Such a candle can be placed on a plate and sprinkled around the aromatic dried. Created decoration will not only be very climatic, but also aromatic. For more advanced people a great proposal is a reed made of stumps. However, it is necessary to drill holes in the cut tree stumps, preferably pine or birch, because they smell beautifully. Then, we can place the dried flowers in the hole and put a candle on them

Of moss and ferns

For our decorations we can also use the gifts of the forest. In this case, it is worth collecting moss, cones and other forest plants, such as pine branches. Place a florist sponge or soil in a pot and put moss on it. Then we stick pine branches, add cones and nuts. They can also be branches with rowan berries. We do not have to make a special effort to make our work was careful and symmetrical, the point is to make it as natural as possible, then it will have the most charm. It is worth combining forest ornaments with dried cereals or flowers – they will add some color to the whole composition. We can also make candlesticks from pumpkins or apples. Just cut a hole in a fruit of any shape and put a small candle inside. Frames glued with leaves look interesting too. We can also create any images, depending on skills and ideas.

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