A star made of paper. How to make it step by step?

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Stars made of paper can be a very impressive decoration of rooms. You can easily make such decoration yourself. See how to make a paper star!

There are many ideas for making paper stars. Below we show you how to make a phenomenal 3D star on your own, which will be perfect for example as a Christmas decoration. Here is how to make one.

What you need to make a paper star

To make an impressive 3D star you need 4 things:

  • paper in any color
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler


Step 1: Cut two squares of any size from the paper.

Step2: Fold the square in half horizontally, making sure to mark the fold line, unfold it, and then fold it vertically, also marking the fold line and unfolding it again

Step 3: Now fold the card diagonally following the same steps as above.

Step4: Unfold the card and use a ruler to mark half of the length of the fold lines – vertical and horizontal – from the edge of the card to its center.

Step5: At the marked points, cut the card from the edges to the point that marks the half-length.

Step6: Fold the cut pieces to the center, following the diagonal lines.

Step7: Brush the top side of the folded “wings” that make up the arms of the star with glue and glue them on top of each other – repeat for the other three arms

Step8: Now repeat all steps on the second square of paper.

Step9: Attach the stars to each other with the flat sides together, one of them laying diagonally – in this form they should be glued to each other. Brush the parts of one star that are in contact with the other with glue and carefully glue the stars together

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