TOP 5 inspirations for paper flowers

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In a vase, in a frame, in a box or on a decorative wedding wall – paper flowers make a furor in decorations, and their making is not expensive. We present the most interesting proposals

Decorations always welcome

What would interiors be without additions. No matter if it is a house, store, beauty salon, hotel, office or any celebrations such as wedding or baptism – decorations always have to appear. It is they that give climate, enliven the interior and allow to create an interesting arrangement. Raw walls and furniture will make an impression of cold and inaccessible, and this is the effect we rather want to avoid

Additions make us feel better and more pleasant in a given place. Therefore, it is worth betting on original decorations, which you can buy, but even better make them yourself – it is also a great idea to spend time with your family

And you can have flowers, but… paper ones

Many people like flowers and want to have them inside their apartment, but for various reasons they do not have the possibility to grow live plants. In this situation paper flowers are a perfect solution. You can make surprising combinations and unusual decorations out of them.

Paper flowers are also a budget option – the materials to make them are not expensive. In addition, their advantage is that they can be perfectly matched in terms of color and theme to the interior or occasion.

Plants made of paper can hang as a garland on the wall, be a picture in a frame or stand in a vase or box. They will also look great glued to a Christmas or birthday gift instead of a plastic, shiny star.

Where is the best place to look for inspiration? A mine of inspiration is of course the Internet – we gathered interesting suggestions and photos of how to make paper flowers and what you can conjure up from them.

Everlasting flowers in a box

Flower boxes with roses stormed the Polish market, for some time displacing traditional bouquets. Their main advantage is durability and original design. Flowers closed in a box look very impressive, tasteful and elegant

However, this is not a cheap decoration, so not everyone can afford it. A great substitute for live roses are those made of… paper.

In the above video we can see how roses are made. They are made with so called candy method and they look fantastic. Finally, just arrange them all in a decorative box and you can enjoy a decoration that will last for years.

There are many other ways to make paper roses. Another tutorial – this time without voiceover, with just background music – shows everything step by step in close-up. The effect is really electrifying.

Unique composition of paper flowers

Thinking about decorations, we often take into account the decoration of walls. Such an area gives a lot of room for imagination. Walls can be freely painted, put stucco, play with light or hang pictures or posters. There are many possibilities, but we present unique wall decorations, namely compositions of paper flowers.

The color is important here – so that it harmonizes with the whole interior. It is also best to opt for paper flowers of different sizes and then create small works of art from them.

Original decoration from a book

Sunflower, daisy or tulips are flowers that look beautiful in the interiors of houses and apartments. And even better if they are made of paper. In this case, an old, damaged book was used as a material. It is impossible to pass by such a decoration indifferently – it is very impressive.

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