Gift Wrapping – The Japanese Way

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Furoshiki is the Japanese art of packaging in the form of… a bundle! You can use it at any occasion. Surely, such a gift will make a great impression.

The packaging of a gift is extremely important. After all, it is not only what you get, but also how it was wrapped that is important. You can simply put the gift in a decorative bag or wrap it in paper, but it is worth to put some effort into it.

We present a Japanese method of gift wrapping, which is furoshiki. It takes only a moment and the effect is really delightful

orientalne wzory
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We can wrap anything in furoshiki – not only rectangular gifts, but also objects of irregular and unusual shape. There are at least a dozen of ways to wrap it. You can choose a standard, plain package or use decorative Musubi knots.

Cloths, scarves, towels or wraps, and even an old sheet or simply a store-bought cotton fabric can be used as a wrap

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