Flowers for the living room. Which ones to choose?

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The living room is the place where most of the time is spent during the day. Potted plants should match the style of the interior and the character of the homeowners. The living room is a great place to decorate it in the trendy for several seasons Urban Jungle style, that is, an urban jungle composed mainly of potted flowers

Modern living room arrangements

Contemporary living room arrangements refer to the style and elegance of the 1960s. In interior trends dominated then:

  • large glazing,
  • carpet coverings,
  • openwork furniture,
  • natural colors in accessories and textiles,
  • a lot of greenery in the apartment.

Large spaces require a strong accent and economy in decoration. Until recently, large plants were popular in representative interiors, which recently are more and more common in home living rooms.

Live or artificial flowers?

Plants will cheer up every interior, whether they are a pattern on curtains or live potted flowers. When choosing flowers for a room, it is worth keeping moderation. Patterns on fabrics should be used very carefully so that the interior is not overloaded with them.

When buying potted flowers for the interior, you should stick to one rule – the more decorative the flower, the simpler the pot, and vice versa – the simpler the potted plant, the more decorative the pot should be.

Where to put flowers in the living room?

Most often live potted plants are chosen for the living room, which can be placed on:

  • windowsill,
  • floor,
  • flowerbed,
  • table,
  • dresser.

TOP 10 flowers for the living room

1. Orchid

The most popular potted flower grown at home. Orchids are not demanding in home cultivation – they require position with diffused light and constant humidity above 70%. The most popular varieties of this flower are:

  • phalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis),
  • Cymbidium,
  • Miltonia (Miltoniopsis),
  • Epidendrum,
  • Oncidium.

2. Anturium

It is one of the most decorative houseplants. It has big glossy heart-shaped leaves. It requires proper soil and high humidity.

3. Feathery asparagus

This plant is very often mistaken for a fern. Asparagus prefers a semi-shaded or diffused light position. The optimal position for this plant should be away from drafts and high temperatures. Asparagus does not require frequent watering – an ideal plant for forgetful people.

4. Monstera

This plant has been very popular for several years. It does well in a semi-shaded position. Monstera should be watered very sparingly, but its leaves should be sprinkled with water from time to time. In homes the most popular species are:

  • hollow(Monstera deliciosa),
  • Adansona(Monstera adansonii),
  • perforated(Monstera obliqua).

5. Dracaena

Dracaena requires a sunny position, frequent watering in summer and spraying the leaves. The most popular species of this plant grown in homes are:

  • edged dracaena(Dracaena marginata),
  • fragrant dracaena (Dracaena fragrans),
  • dragon dracaena (Dracenadraco),
  • inverted dracaena (Dracaenareflexa).

6. Ivy

Ivy is one of the classic plants grown in homes because it is undemanding and resistant to neglect. It can grow very quickly by climbing over various supports – a perfect plant for a wall flowerbed. Ivy grows best in cooler areas and if grown in a warm room it should have its leaves sprinkled regularly.

7. Hoja

Hoja is a houseplant that requires virtually no care. Watering of this plant should be kept to a minimum. The most popular species are:

  • pink hoja(Hoya carnosa),
  • beautiful hoja (Hoya bella).

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8. Daisy

The easiest potted plant to grow – ideal for beginners. It requires a bright location and regular spraying of the leaves. The popular species of daisy are:

  • striped (Tradescantia),
  • snake-leaved (Tradescantia fluminensis),
  • purple (Tradescantia pallida),
  • hairy (Tradescantiasillamontana).

9. Sansewieria

This flower is also called serpentine and mother-in-law’s tongues. This plant has recently become very popular, thanks to its original appearance – long, thick, green leaves. Sansewieria belongs to the species of plants on air, that is, purifying the air.

10. Zamioculcas

Zamioculcas is an ideal plant for forgetful people as it does not require frequent watering. Unfortunately it is poisonous for cats. It belongs to the group of plants which purify the air.

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