How to take care of a fern?

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Do you have a fern that loses its leaves and instead of decorating, it disfigures the room? We suggest what should be taken care of to enjoy dense fern.

Not so scary fern?

Fern is a somewhat capricious plant, but your adventure with it can be a success. Just follow a few general rules that apply to all fern varieties.

Where should I place the fern?

Fern is a plant that naturally grows in the lower parts of the forest. So be sure to place it in a shady spot. No windowsills on south-facing windowsills. Potted ferns will feel most comfortable in rooms with windows facing east or north.

Remember that ferns hate dry air, so a bathroom with diffused light or partial shade is an ideal place for them. Especially during the growth period, when we should also provide it with an air temperature in the range of 18 to maximum 25 degrees Celsius. During the resting period it is good to place the fern in a slightly cooler place (15-18°C). Remember not to place the plant directly next to a heater or any other heat source.

How should I water the fern?

Ferns are demanding when it comes to watering. It is worth knowing a few basic rules:

  • do not dry out the substrate,
  • excess water should be removed from the base, because the fern will rot if it is overwatered,
  • it is best to water it with rainwater, tap water can be too hard for it,
  • during the growth period we water the fern 2-3 times a week in small portions, so as to maintain constant humidity of the substrate,
  • during the period of rest (winter) you can reduce the frequency of watering (1-2 times a week), but remember not to allow the substrate to dry out,
  • if there is dry air in your house, it is good to spray the plant with a summer shower or a sprinkler.

How to fertilize fern?

Remember to fertilize the fern regularly during its growth period. This should be done once every 2 weeks. You can easily find fertilizer dedicated to ferns in gardening stores and supermarkets – such a preparation ensures the right level of necessary substances.

How often should I repot ferns?

Fern is one of those flowers, which doesn’t like to be repotted too often, it prefers a little tight pots. Repotting once every 2-3 years is the optimal frequency for it. If you have to repot your fern, be sure to choose a fern medium or universal soil with a high humus content.

How to propagate ferns?

Fern propagation is best done by dividing the plant. This is not an easy task, however, as its delicate roots can be damaged very easily. Remember to water planted legs sparingly until new growth appears (usually takes about a month).

The most common fern problems

Help! My fern:

  • has brown leaves that are shedding – most likely it was overdried,
  • has dead leaves on the edges – the reason is probably dry air, spray the plant or increase air humidity,
  • has uneven leaf color (mostly yellowing) – too bright a position, move the plant to a more shady place,
  • has yellow leaves that shed – most likely it has been overwatered, so check the stand for water.

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