How to develop space in a small apartment?

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The housing market suffers from a terrible affliction – the so-called “micro-apartments” or “micro-wallets”. These flats have a dozen, sometimes up to twenty-five square meters and are not easy to arrange, especially if it is to be a practical and functional apartment. Here are some of our suggestions on how to make space in a small apartment.

Sleeping place combined with a living room

High ceilings in tenements allow you to use a phenomenal solution, which is the mezzanine. In this way, even on twenty square meters you can organize a separate living space and a separate bedroom. Unfortunately, in an ordinary block of flats such a solution is not possible in a one-room flat, so you need to think hard to find a place for a bedroom. If the possibilities are very limited, the best solution is a folding sofa with a sleeping function. A sofa or a folding corner sofa are a very comfortable alternative to a bed, and by the way, they are very easy to blend into the aesthetic decor of a studio apartment. If you want to build a fashionable and elegant interior, modern sofas are a great solution

Arrangement of the “big room”

In the block it is difficult to call the living space a living room, the block equivalent of the living room is a large room. However, the largest room in the apartment, in which there is a TV, a coffee table and a sofa set, often does not look the best. Big, living room furniture takes up too much space, so usually decorating a big room ends with placing a few not really aesthetic and fashionable, but practical closets in the form of a wall unit. If you want your small apartment to look modern and arouse admiration of visitors, take care of a few living room details. Colorful, large and comfortable armchairs to the living room will find their place even in a small room. Add a small, round table instead of a bench and a low dresser instead of a huge closet and the block living room is transformed

Kitchenette and dining room in a studio apartment

Very often a studio apartment or “micro-apartment” is one room in which everything must fit. So how to manage twenty square meters in such a way as to arrange a functioning kitchen, a place to eat meals and not to disturb the living and bedroom space? It’s a good idea to separate the kitchen area with tiles – panels or carpet on the living area and tiles in the kitchen. The smaller the kitchen appliances are, the better, but do not forget that the convenience of their use is also important. In the space where the two parts of the apartment meet, place a table and chairs so that the “dining room” separates the kitchen from the rest of the room. In this way, you will create a cohesive arrangement that will allow you to clearly separate the two parts of the studio apartment and help create a more comfortable and functional apartment in a small space. If you have wall space, you can hang a painting or a photo of food there to make the dining area even brighter

You can live comfortably and with class in a small apartment. Even a studio of several meters can be fashionably and functionally decorated, if only you put some work into it. A huge advantage of small apartments are large windows, which let in more daylight, and also create the impression of more space. If you want to optically enlarge a cramped apartment, bet on mirrors, which act a bit like windows and make the room seem larger

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