Table decoration for Easter breakfast

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Easter is one of the most important holidays celebrated in Poland. While preparing traditional dishes for a ceremonial breakfast, you cannot forget about the appropriate table decoration. Often flowers or colorful Easter eggs are the main theme. In this text we present creative ideas that will help you easily create a coherent and unique arrangement for the Easter table. Enjoy!

What to remember about Easter table decorations? Step by step guide!

An aesthetically pleasing table is sure to whet your guests’ appetites! For this reason it is advisable to think about and prepare your table well in advance. Here are some tips on what to keep in mind


First of all, take care of the proper tableware – plates, cups, and of course cutlery. Some people also opt for satin ribbons, delicate raffia, or flexible twigs to tie the cutlery.

Tablecloth and napkins

It is worth to reach for a light tablecloth in subdued colors, which will not overwhelm all the decorations and, of course, the served food. While some homes still have the custom of setting the table with a white tablecloth, more and more people are opting for beige, lilac or peach. You can match the tableware with aesthetically pleasing napkins, which will refer to the celebrated holidays. Napkins in colorful eggs, with a field grass motif or referring to spring in colors will surely make a positive impression on your guests

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Fresh flowers

This is a must-have item on the Easter table. In addition to the traditional bouquets for the vase, you can also choose springtime centerpieces of live plants. Many people also opt for festive watercress, which can then be added to sandwiches. Fresh plants add a unique touch to your home!

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Decorate around the table

The arrangement doesn’t have to stop at the table itself! To emphasize the uniqueness of the breakfast and the celebration, you can hang a spring boxwood wreath on the front door or put colorful Easter eggs in the windows. Even such a small touch can bring a cheerful, festive atmosphere

The perfect floral arrangement for your Easter table

All it takes to give your table a springtime touch is a few live flowers. For your Easter breakfast, it’s best to choose some typical spring accents. You can use tulips or narcissi for this period. Potted flowers include lovely crocuses, daffodils, sapphires, fragrant hyacinths or multicoloured pansies. Another option are bunches of cut forsythia branches. A composition with moss or cress will add an idyllic touch. Remember to sow the cress at least 6-7 days before Easter so that the seeds have time to germinate and grow!

What to keep in mind when decorating the table for Easter

You can go a bit wild with your Easter table decorations. The morning breakfast with your family should be a joyful one. Go for linen or handmade lace doilies, colorful table centerpieces or fun window decorations. You can also replace the lavish, elegant tableware with rustic, floral motifs.

Easter eggs, of course, are a must on the Easter table and can be decorative in their own right. Putting eggs on a deeper plate decorated with boxwood will give an amazing effect. It is also worth trying natural methods of dyeing Easter eggs: brown onions, yellow turmeric, red cabbage, blue or purple, and pink beets. Easter is associated with rebirth and new beginnings, so it is worth taking care of beautiful, natural decorations.

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