How to make a cottage bed yourself?

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Cottage bed is a dream of many little girls and an enduring interior hit for several seasons. The basis of the bed is a frame with a frame in the shape of a house. How can you make your own house bed?

Cottage bed as a support in child development

House bed not only looks great in a toddler’s room, but also is a support in child development in accordance with the Montessori method. According to this Italian doctor, in order for a child to develop better, it must have the right conditions created for it. The child should develop in an environment where it has a lot of freedom. Unfortunately, traditional solutions limit the space, which results in disharmony in the development of the child. A low bed encourages to explore the world and develops imagination

Why is it worth to make a cottage bed by yourself?

Currently fashionable cottage bed can be purchased in any furniture store – the cost of such a bed is from 700 to 2000 zł. Manufacturers offer many models of beds, which differ not only in size, but also additional decorations such as a built-in roof. Beds are usually made of soft pine wood

The price of a ready-made house is quite high, so you should consider making it yourself. You do not need to have great skills for this. Making a bed house for a child, you should take into account that the child can “test” it in different ways, so it is important to make a very solid performance


Before you start work, you should order a mattress. It is worth ordering a thicker and firmer mattress for your child. This way it will not deform so quickly.

To make this bed you will need:

  • a mattress,
  • constructional wood – the cheapest will be battens and curbs, but you can order at the market ready boards that have been planed and cut to size,
  • grinder or sandpaper,
  • tape measure,
  • screwdriver,
  • dowels,
  • furniture screws,
  • wood paint,
  • saw.

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Making a bed step by step

1. Making a project

Making a design is one of the most important steps in making a bed. Its size should be the same as the dimension of the mattress. The bottom of the bed should be filled with additional boards, which will act as rungs. The height of the bed should be adjusted to the size of the room. The safest and optimum height is 170 cm. The roof should be designed in the shape of a triangle.

2. Preparing the wood

The wood should be properly prepared, i.e. the surface should be smoothed with sandpaper. Dust it off, wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it.

3. Assembling the sides and roof

The first step is to create the side walls of the house, that is, to connect the boards with the help of pegs of four boards to obtain a rectangle. Use screws to attach two beams to these side walls, which will form the roof. The other walls should be made in the same way.

The edges of the beams on the roof should be cut at the right angle. To do this, use a mitre saw. Then you have to join the edges with screws.

4. Joining exterior walls together

In the next step, you need to join all four sides of the house together. You can reinforce the construction with angle brackets. If you do not want the mattress to lie directly on the floor, then install a few boards along the length of the frame or a few through the middle of the frame.

5. Checking for stability

Once the entire structure is done, it is a good idea to check its stability. If it is not very stable, then you can install additional pegs.

6. Painting

The last step is painting the bed. If the bed is to be in a natural color, then you can paint it with a clear lacquer. If the house is to be colored, then it is worth painting it with wood paint.

7. Decorations

To make the bed look more interesting you can hang glowing Cotton Balls on it or other decorations prepared together with the child.

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