String table mat step by step

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Phenomenal placemats made of yarn are the hit of social networks. Thanks to them you will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. See how to make them yourself.

Fashion for handicrafts returned a few good years ago. This may be due to the fact that more and more things are mass produced, and people are tired of it and want to emphasize their individuality. Who doesn’t have glasses or a table from a popular Swedish furniture chain at home? It is also becoming more and more common to see people dressed almost identically on the streets. All thanks to chain stores. And this is where handmade products come into play

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Pottery, carpentry and embroidery products have become highly valued. The latter include knitting. This method can be used to make mascots, blankets, slippers, sweaters, placemats and anything else your imagination allows. Today we will take on board coasters for the table. They are an original and practical addition. They will also be a great idea for a gift for a loved one. Some say that making handmade things relaxes and has a therapeutic effect. Maybe there is something in it, this activity requires a lot of concentration, calmness and patience. In addition, it develops manual skills, creativity and imagination. Will you be tempted to such an activity? Who knows, maybe it will turn out to be your passion

Table mats made of string – preparation

To make placemats you need only two things. Namely, a string and a crochet hook. String can be thick, cotton. Preferably with a diameter of at least 5 mm. This material will suit interiors maintained in Scandinavian, rustic and boho style. Another idea is to bet on a softer and thicker yarn. In this case, you will have a whole range of colors to choose from. Take into account that this will be a more limp version. You have more choices when it comes to crochet. You will find metal, steel, aluminum, plastic, bamboo, glass and wood ones. Manufacturers of ropes, yarns and cords include the suggested crochet size on the label. It should be a few millimeters larger than the diameter of the material you are using. For example, if you bet on a 9 mm thread, then your tool should be 16-18 mm in size. The exception is when you plan to make a more compact weave, then choose a slightly smaller size, such as 14 mm.

How to make a string pad yourself?

Step 1

Start by making a circle with eight half-posts. Wrap the string around two fingers so that it is crossed. Then rotate your hand. You will create a second loop. Pass the crochet hook under the first loop, hook the second loop, and pull it back under the first loop. Now make three chain eyelets. Hook the string on the crochet hook. Put the crochet hooked yarn through the center of the main loop. Once again, hook the string on the crochet hook. Pull the yarn under the whole loop, creating three eyelets on the crochet hook. Hook and reposition until the entire circle is filled. This may seem difficult the first time. With time, it will come naturally to you.

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Step 2

Once you have the magic circle made, start the next row with two chain stitches replacing the first bar

Step 3

Make the next circle identically to step 1. With each successive circle, you can change the color of the yarn or use them alternately

Step 4

Once you have your target number of “laps” take care to bury any loose pieces of twine. This will ensure that nothing snags during use.

As a result, you will have a unique round coaster that can serve as a decorative under pots or a vase. You can also use it under cups or pots in the kitchen. This will help you avoid marks on your countertops and furniture after hot dishes.

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