Stylish metal lanterns. To which interiors do they fit?

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Metal lanterns can decorate not only terraces and gardens. They look perfect also in stylish interiors. Properly selected lanterns add unique atmosphere and nicely warm the room. See, for which interiors metal lanterns will be a perfect complement.

Glamour interiors

Elegance, luxury and glitter – in short, this is how we can describe glamour style interiors. A sophisticated lantern with shiny metal in the color of gold, silver or black can perfectly fit into this characteristic, adding glamour and exceptional elegance to the interior.

Art déco interiors

That is, a sophisticated style that combines geometric forms, a touch of luxury and a love of detail. Such interiors will be perfectly complemented by stylish metal lanterns, which can take both simple geometric shapes, as well as more avant-garde forms.

Eclectic interiors

Composition of different styles, elements and mixing conventions – eclectic interior arranged with taste and sensitivity becomes a place straight from a fairy tale. In such fine interiors one of the many original accessories can be just a metal lantern.

Interiors with antiques

Decorative metal lanterns can perfectly complement interiors that are fond of antiques and vintage styled elements. Warm candlelight will perfectly blend into a cozy interior in the old style.

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