How to make a dream catcher? Macramé step by step

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If you like fairy tale style, then your bedroom is the perfect place to create just such an atmosphere. Check how to make a dream catcher that will turn your bedroom into a fairyland.

Fairytale bedroom style

It is hard to find a more personal place than the bedroom. It’s where the secret to our rest, gathering strength, improving our mood and disconnecting from the world lies. Instead of deciding on austere climates, it is better to introduce oriental ones. Thanks to this, we will create beautiful, fairy-tale bedrooms, the climate of which will certainly improve the quality of our rest. How to do it?

Colors and accessories from your fairy tale!

There are many ways to give our room a fairytale character. Although furniture is important, the colors we use and what accessories we add to the bedroom are the basis. Consider the Moroccan style, which owes its fairytale character to the right choice of colors. First of all, start with a variety of shades of turquoise, which perfectly relaxes us. Arabian style will obtain, using warm colors. Gold, purple, orange and red are perfect here. The fairy tale character will also be emphasized by accessories. These may include lamps – both simple, rustic table lamps, and openwork lamps in a Moroccan style. The fairytale character is also due to the design combining floral and geometric motifs, which perfectly resembles the atmosphere of Arabian fairytales. What else is worth choosing? First of all soft fabrics and cushions with colourful patterns. They will emphasize the fairy tale character to the maximum.

Dream catcher – an accessory worth reaching for.

Dream catchers are one of the accessories that you should put in your bedroom. They will perfectly emphasize the fairy-tale atmosphere, which we want to give to this room. The real magic of a dream catcher lies in its beauty. Hanging above the bed – according to Indian beliefs was to sift dreams, so it is the perfect addition to the bedroom. The ethnic character of this ornament has lost its original meaning, but it still beautifully decorates the wall

How to make a stylish dream catcher?

The first step in preparing a dream catcher is to determine in what style we want to make it. In a fairy tale style bedroom, a classic dream catcher will work best. To create your own dream catcher we need:

  • a metal hoop,
  • feathers,
  • beads (preferably wooden),
  • yarn that matches the color of the interior,
  • scissors

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Preparation of the dream catcher is very simple. First of all, as soon as you measure the appropriate lengths of yarn (you decide yourself what length suits you), you should proceed to attach it to the hoop. It consists in attaching knots on both sides of the hoop (on one side the knots should be close to each other and on the other side they should be further apart). Some of the yarn should hang loosely on the side where the knots are further apart. It is to these loosely hanging ends of the string that we need to attach the beads and feathers. After this stage, just trim the ends of the string and the dream catcher will be ready to hang in your bedroom.

Stylish dream catcher – how to decorate your bedroom with it?

If we prepared a dream catcher in boho style, it will find its use in many spaces. Not only will it go well with various accessories (for example, beads), but it will be perfect in the window or on the balcony. If we want to develop an empty wall, we can confidently prepare a few dream catchers, each in a different size.

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