Holiday dining room table decorations

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Wondering how to decorate your dining room table? Looking for some summer inspiration? Check out some of our ideas. Whether you like traditional or modern style, you’re sure to find something you like

Decorations in rustic style

If you appreciate casualness and nonchalance, pay attention to the rustic style. Think about natural decorations, such as potted flowers or leafy placemats for dishes. Stick to light, soft colors so as not to overwhelm the interior. This will give your dining room a cozy, relaxing atmosphere

You can stick to a natural, country theme by choosing the right decorations. Opt for simplicity and unpretentiousness. Put flowers in glass jars. Place plates on textured placemats. Wondering what theme colors to choose? Opt for pink and blue. This will decorate and cheer up the interior. You can put pink flowers in blue jars. You do not need anything extraordinary because simple white plates and elegant napkins will complete the arrangement.

Sailor style

You can bring elements of the beach into your home by choosing a delicate nautical style decor. Combine white with pastel colors such as light blue. You can also add colorful candlesticks or bright flowers. Also think about additional decorations such as napkins and placemats in nautical style.

If you like relaxing by the Mediterranean, this idea will definitely appeal to you – combine light and dark accents. Such decoration will bring not only a standard Mediterranean character, but also a coastal design. Combine different shades of blue. For the central element, however, add some greenery. Such a composition is sure to delight all household members and guests.

An interesting idea for a quick table decoration

Your guests are coming soon and you still want to decorate the table? We have a way to do it! It only takes a few minutes to decorate it beautifully. Lemons and oranges are associated with summer, so place plates and napkins with this motif on the table. These accessories are brightly colored so they are sure to catch your guests’ attention. Place a tall vase of summer flowers to complete the decor.

Warm and colorful decor

Nothing captures the vibe of summer like flowers in warm colors. Tulips, roses, sunflowers, hydrangeas, orchids, carnations or gerberas are perfect here. You can also place celosia on the table. It comes in different colors such as orange, yellow, purple, pink, and red. It is available in different sizes and can withstand high temperatures. It will add character to any composition.

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You can also look for a tablecloth with this theme. Then match it with napkins. You can also glue them to jute placemats. This way you can save yourself a lot of time.

Checkered pattern and flower decorations

These summer table decorating ideas are great for combining formal style with a touch of extravagance. Plates and platters in black and white check pattern can add a bold touch to the arrangement. Additionally, they go well with lighter, summer colors and floral decorative elements. If you like original solutions, exchange standard glassware for decorative glasses with summer motifs, such as butterflies.

Watermelon and summer flowers

Sometimes all you need is a quality centerpiece to liven up your dining room table. You can hollow out fruits and turn them into original vases. Watermelon is perfect for this. This is a good way to ensure that no part of the watermelon or melon goes to waste. After cutting it out and cleaning it, place flowers in it

Beach style

If you have a large wooden table that needs decorating, try beach style. You can start with a colorful tablecloth. Then place seashells, starfish, pieces of amber and other accessories associated with the beach on the table. Use a combination of different shades of blue for decorations, dishes and napkins. If your dining room is decorated in a nautical style, you will love it.

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