Minimalist style – less is better?

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In recent years, minimalist style has become extremely popular, and not only in terms of the way we live, but also in terms of living. It has imperceptibly crept into our homes and feels very good in them. It’s hard to say what exactly influenced its popularity, but one thing is certain – minimalism is a great way to arrange interiors in which you can feel really comfortable

What is minimalism?

Minimalism can be simply described as getting rid of unnecessary things. In case of interiors it is about all kinds of trinkets or other objects which clutter the space for unexplained reasons. The whole concept of minimalism is based on regaining happiness with less stuff. Interior decorated in minimalist style is characterized by subdued colors, clear, simple forms and a limited number of objects, each of which has some rational use. The opponents of minimalism talk about it with a sneer, as a life of asceticism, but this is not true. Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything that gives us pleasure or is necessary for a dignified existence. It is about throwing away what is our ballast. Ask yourself, where do you feel better – in a tidy, orderly interior, or in clutter that makes you feel anxious and doesn’t let you calm down?

How to introduce minimalism into your interiors?

The quality of our lives is affected by a lot of factors, including the space we live in every day. After all, we spend most of our free time in our houses and apartments, so it is worth starting with them when introducing minimalism

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Where to start?

Introducing minimalism into the interior is best started with general cleaning. Go through each room and get rid of everything that you do not need. This is not an easy task – your mind will try to tell you that every single thing, even that dress from the first day at your new job, is essential for living. So before throwing anything away, ask yourself and answer honestly: when did I use it? If the time given is more than six months, you can part with it. Of course, we are not talking about seasonal items such as skis or swimwear, although 15 sets is also too many for one person

Make changes to your interior

Once your house or apartment no longer resembles a storage room and is completely organized, it’s time to make some visual changes. Go for simplicity in the interiors. Both in terms of colors and forms. It is best to focus on light, subdued colors, such as pastels, all kinds of beiges or shades of white. In order for the interior not to seem too austere, replace trinkets, which used to decorate shelves, with live flowers. All kinds of cacti, succulents, monstera or other green-leaved flowers will work great, and they will perfectly match the previously mentioned colors

Minimalism does not have to be cold

Interior decorated in minimalistic style can also be cozy and warm. Just enrich them with all kinds of blankets and textiles with soft, fluffy structure. Lighting with the right color is also helpful. If you have already made changes to your interiors, remember to take care of them regularly. Repair damaged items and appliances on a regular basis and replace them with new ones if this is not possible. Also, don’t get carried away with your purchases. Every time you want to add a new item to your interior, get rid of one old item. Don’t collect things that may come in handy someday, believe it or not, by the time you need them anyway you will have forgotten where they are located and bought new ones.

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