New life for an old chest of drawers

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Restoring old furniture is very fashionable, but also environmentally friendly. It is surprising and amazing how great repainted or slightly modified furniture can look. Are you a DIY type and you have an old chest of drawers, which you want to refresh and re-incorporate into your interior? This short guide will certainly come in handy!

Creative ideas and a little free time can make your old chest of drawers bought at an antique market or found in grandma’s attic gain new life. Below we suggest how to easily restore a destroyed, bitten by the tooth of time piece of furniture. The effect may shock you!

5 ways to restore an old chest of drawers

  1. Replace the legs of a chest of drawers

How the legs of a chest of drawers look like, has a huge impact on its visual perception. Changing the base on which a chest of drawers stands or adding new elements can have a very positive effect on the appearance of an old chest of drawers. There are plenty of different types of furniture legs available in furniture stores and DIY stores. The most popular will be slightly higher wooden legs, which will make the interior gain a Scandinavian atmosphere. For those who like to play with form, there are also metal, aluminum or ceramic bases available. Thanks to them, our room will look more like an industrial loft

  1. Cover the chest of drawers with patterned paper

The great thing about restoring furniture is that the final look depends only on the creativity of the person doing the renovation. An interesting way to make your dresser look original is to decorate the fronts with special furniture paper or wallpaper. It is worth choosing only certain elements, such as the front, so that the paper is an interesting addition, and not dominate the whole. Just use an interesting pattern or print, which is consistent with the theme of the interior. Flower motifs, leaves or small patterns will be universal

  1. Paint the doors or drawers

You don’t have to paint the entire dresser to give it a fresh look. You can focus on one piece and choose a color that works with the whole. Adding color can be eye-catching and make the dresser the centerpiece of our decor. When doing this, be sure to properly protect the other pieces with tape and foil to avoid unsightly stains and streaks. It is worthwhile before painting to plan carefully which elements will change shade, so that the two-colored chest of drawers looks neat and stylish. Go for matching shades

  1. Paint the whole chest of drawers

Of course, the easiest and proven way to refresh an old dresser is to paint the entire piece of furniture in one color. You can renew the original color, for example by impregnating the wood with clear lacquer, or go wild and choose a completely new shade. Remember to properly check the surface of the chest of drawers before painting. Many pieces of furniture from the past century were varnished, and this means that in order to paint them, you must first wipe off the top layer of polish. A chest of drawers painted white will look the most versatile. It will fit into any interior. Lovers of unconventional solutions can bet on a bold yellow, mysterious green or gray and beige

  1. Replace the elements

Not every chest of drawers that you inherit or find will be in perfect condition. Some furniture will require general replacements of hinges, handles, grips or the previously mentioned legs. Do not be discouraged that you have to insert so many new elements, because their replacement will guarantee that the dresser will serve for many years. An interesting solution, which will add charm to the interior, will be to bet on gold or silver accessories. You can, of course, bet on the classic handles, which you can easily find in any home improvement store. This simple change will make your chest of drawers look like new.

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