House flowers that like dark places

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An apartment with plants always gives a more pleasant impression. Green corners allow you to relax after a hard day. Below is a list of house flowers that don’t particularly like brightly lit places

Plants that like shady places

House flowers don’t like shade or darker places at all, but some have adapted to harsher conditions through evolutionary changes. They have specially shaped leaves that accept the lack of sunlight

You will certainly notice that such plants bloom less often and are rather green with impressive veins on their leaves. This type of flower uses the small amount of sunlight for photosynthesis and simply does not have the strength to produce buds. If you choose shade-loving plants, be sure not to expose them to direct sunlight. This will cause them to wilt

1. Zamoculcas zamiolistensis

This is one of the most popular representatives of the group of flowers that like dark places. Naturally found in Africa, where they grow in the shade of tall trees, and this has allowed them to adapt to growing in darker spaces. The flowers do best in partial shade, but they also do well in dark rooms

They don’t like sunlight and they wilt very quickly. These plants are ideal for beginner gardeners, because they are not afraid of infrequent watering. When growing, this plant produces clumps of pinnate, dark green leaves, which are arranged on thick petioles. It is recommended to grow it in an open space, without squeeze and other plants next to it.

2. Hollow monstera

This is an extremely popular plant in recent years. No wonder, it looks beautiful and does not require specialized care. Monstera can reach a height of up to 2.5 meters, and the width of the leaves is often 70 cm. In the wild the plant grows as a climber, but it does well in a pot. It requires a shady spot about 3 meters from a window and needs to be watered once a week

If holes appear on the leaves of the monstera, it means that they have been in the sun too long. On the other hand, if they do not want to grow or reach a very small size, this is the plant’s way of demanding more sun. Remember to wipe its leaves of dust regularly (at least once a month).

3. Sansewieria cylindrica

This is a succulent with original leaves, which form a rosette when fully formed. Their native country is Africa. These are excellent potted flowers for all those who often forget about them. They grow even in extreme conditions. They tolerate dry air, lack of light, air conditioning or infrequent watering

The green parts of the flowers store a lot of water, so they can be watered only once in 2 months. If sansewieria is overdried, its leaves wrinkle, forming visible furrows. The plant doesn’t require sunlight, artificial lighting is enough, so it can be grown in a hallway or a darkened bathroom

4. Peperomia

This is a small pot plant that looks great in the home. It is characterized by its delicate, patterned and very ornamental leaves. It is relatively small, up to 50 cm high. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight and it doesn’t need too much of it. It grows well in all conditions

It is especially recommended for people who are forgetful and those who like to have lush greenery at home, but don’t particularly like tending it. The fleshy leaves accumulate water, so the plant should be watered only when the ground dries out. It is a flower that can be grown in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom

5. Daisy

Considered one of the most beautiful domestic ferns, it earned the nickname “golden-haired”. Its leaves are shaped like gingko or parsley. It has small requirements, loves shady places with high humidity. Excessive water does not frighten it, so it should be watered often and abundantly

It grows up to 60 cm, so it doesn’t take much space at home. Remember that this type of plant does not like frequent repositioning.

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