How to arrange a bouquet of roses?

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Roses are very graceful and feminine flowers. They delight with their delicacy and very elegant look. They are perfect flowers for both Valentine’s Day and other occasions. Certainly make a lot of joy to the gifted person. Bought in a florist compositions can be quite expensive. However, we can create a beautiful bouquet ourselves, having less financial resources.

How to prepare roses for a bouquet?

To make roses look nice in a bouquet, remove excess leaves and thorns. The excess can obscure the beautiful flower. The stems should be shortened by about 5 cm. Flowers should not remain outside the vase for long, so put them in cool water with half a dissolved aspirin tablet. This way the flowers will last much longer.

Importantly, for bouquets, use roses that are not fully developed. In this way, the bouquet will last much longer. If the flowers we have chosen are too undeveloped, before arranging them in a bouquet should be put in slightly warm water. However, you should not keep flowers in water of such temperature for too long because they can quickly wither. You can also do it only when you are going to give the bouquet to someone on the same day

Arrange the flowers so that the buds are placed in one line. Roses are arranged in a square shape. Next flowers should be added around the middle ones. They can be placed at a slight angle to make the bouquet more spread out and less pressed towards the middle. If we are going to add decorative palm trees or the very popular gypsophila, it is worth to place them on the sides of the bouquet so that they surround the roses. Some small decorative grasses can be placed between the roses, but they should not extend beyond the rose buds or cover them. Nowadays, the emphasis is more on the flowers themselves and showing their buds, so the number of accessories is limited in modern bouquets. Delicate carnations and magnolias perfectly match roses. They have big petals, so it is good to place them on the outside of the bouquet, a little bit below the rose buds

To arrange roses evenly, you should add one rose at a time, holding all the flowers with your hand. It is good to arrange successive flowers at a slight angle. The arranged bouquet should have a round shape. Thanks to that it will look much fuller and more elegant. It is very important to tie the flowers carefully so that they remain in their place. One way is to tie the flowers with a wire, and then, when the whole composition is already nicely arranged, you can cover it with a decorative ribbon. You can additionally secure it from the bottom, adding it with a wider ribbon, so that it is easier to grasp

Original ways of arranging roses

A very original idea is to arrange roses in a wicker basket. This looks extremely elegant, and above all, allows you to keep a nice souvenir in the form of a wicker basket after the flowers have dried. The roses should be put into a florist sponge soaked in water. This is weighted enough to keep the flowers nicely upright. You can tie them with wire or ribbon at the end. The gaps between the flowers can be filled with decorative grass or carnations, which are also stuck into the sponge. It will make the bouquet last much longer.

Another slightly more practical idea is to compose the so-called flower box yourself, which is currently conquering Instagram. In addition, a decorative box after the flower box we can later use as an organizer for jewelry.

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