Leather furniture – how to care for it?

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Natural leather looks perfect in classic interiors, especially in a living room or dining room. Despite passing years, they do not go out of fashion and still have their great fans. Thanks to their elegant and timeless look, they can make our living room look very classic. How to take care of leather furniture to make it look great for a long time?

Leather furniture – how to care for it?

Leather furniture is affected by many external factors. These include excessive heat, radiators, gas stoves, UV rays, lighting, salt, which is in human and animal sweat and the action of water. Due to these factors, unfortunately, leather on furniture may be too much dried out, which makes it wrinkle, may also crack and change color. It is best to take care of leather furniture on a daily basis. Let’s remember to clean them as soon as we spill some liquid on them. Additionally, leather furniture needs constant cleaning with a dry cloth and a vacuum cleaner. This will reduce the amount of harmful dirt. Among other things, it is very important to maintain leather furniture using special products dedicated to them. They have a slightly lubricating effect, so that the leather does not start to crack or wrinkle even when exposed to sunlight. Additionally, it is very important to regularly apply on leather furniture agents that protect it against UV radiation. These are agents of light emulsion consistency, which are best applied to leather furniture at least 2 or 4 times a week, after vacuuming and cleaning of course. After applying them in a gentle circular motion, we leave them to dry. In addition, you can use special cleaners before coating the furniture with preservatives. We never wash leather furniture using detergents with water. Such agents can have a negative effect on the appearance of leather items. You cannot use detergents that contain alcohol, chlorine and bleach, among others, on leather furniture. Both agents with alcohol and those with bleach can make leather less resistant, lose its elasticity and lose its color. It is important to avoid such agents on a daily basis and use only proven preservatives and cleaners. You can buy them in specialized furniture stores

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How else can we take care of leather furniture?

Leather furniture will naturally wear out, but you can take much more care of it. First of all, try not to place them near a window or a heat source such as a radiator. Otherwise, the leather may quickly deteriorate. It is also not advisable to wait until the dirt disappears. It is best to treat it as soon as it appears. Water or other spilled liquids should be gently collected with a dry cloth. It is also important to maintain the furniture on a regular basis. This will allow us to take proper care of the appearance of our furniture. Vacuuming the furniture and wiping it with preservatives makes it much more resistant to later dirt and the effects of factors such as sunlight or excessive heat

High humidity will be unsuitable for leather furniture as it makes the leather on the furniture get wrinkled faster. In order to minimize the wear and tear of leather furniture, you can put a blanket or a bedspread on the seat. This will be an adequate protection against excessive rubbing and salt contained in our sweat. A light fabric can be spread on the seats, but also on the backrests or armrests, i.e. the places that are most frequently exposed to mechanical damage

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