Decorate your door! DIY fall garland ideas

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Who says garlands are just a symbol of spring? Autumn garlands are equally beautiful. They entice you with a feast of colors and scents. Dried leaves, flowers in shades of yellow and orange – all this can invite incoming guests into your home.

Autumn offers us beautiful plants, lots of colors and materials to make amazing decorations. Autumn garlands can serve as decorations for the entire season and refer to the holidays we celebrate during this period. We do not need a lot of money to make them. All you need is an open mind, capable hands and a creative soul

How to create a garland inspired by autumn?

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful thing in autumn are colors. Polish golden autumn, even if it’s not visible outside the window, can always come to our home. What’s important, garlands can be a decoration of doors, walls or cupboards. A good idea is to combine natural materials with textiles. It is worth using string and bags for autumn decorations – the naturalness of these materials perfectly emphasizes the charm of dried leaves, chestnuts, cones or flowers. To make the base of our garland we need

  • wire or wire hanger,
  • glue (a hot glue gun works best),
  • pins and safety pins,
  • thread and a thick needle,
  • wool, mouline or string

Having such a base, we form a circle from a wire or a hanger, which of course will be the frame of our garland. Then we can wrap the wire with a staple bag or florist sponge

Leaves, dried fruit, apples and pumpkin

Next, we can attach whatever we want to our base. A less durable version, but a very impressive one, is to put apples on the wire, intertwined with leaves, dried flowers and plums. Such a garland won’t last too long, but it will surely please the eye.

If you want something more durable, you can glue dried flowers, leaves, chestnuts, acorns or pinecones to the wire frame. Miniature, dried decorative pumpkins will also fit in well. The wreath can also be a form of air freshener, so it’s a good idea to weave into the composition orange peel or coat nuts in cinnamon.

If you have at home scraps of fabric or old pillowcases that have an interesting pattern, you can create flowers from them, which, combined with pinecones, will create an interesting composition that you can put in the living room

Using a florist sponge, you will create a composition of rowan, flowers, leaves and moss. What’s more, such a garland will dry out nicely in appropriate conditions and will keep pleasing the eye for longer. People more proficient in the art of braiding can use wicker to create autumn compositions. Wicker composes beautifully with plants. Of course, we can also invest in artificial fruits and flowers, preferably Styrofoam, hand-painted, because they look the most beautiful. Then we do not have to worry that the garland, hanging even outside, on the front door will rot or get destroyed.

All the colors of autumn

When creating autumn garlands, we can let our imagination run wild. Let the inspiration come from the autumn color palette. To make garlands you can use old curtains, doilies, or walnut shells left over from autumn baking. Do not be afraid to combine live flowers with artificial decorations. Instead of wire, we can use twigs, which we will braid in such a way that we later put the remaining elements in the spaces. This is an eco-friendly version of autumn garlands.

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