Photo wallpapers still in fashion

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Do you want to spice up the look of your home and are wondering how to do it? A wall mural can be an interesting solution. Check which patterns are the most fashionable

Wall murals are an excellent way to create a unique atmosphere in a room. They have not been out of fashion since they appeared on the market. Only the patterns and colors used in interiors change. Apart from the visual aspect, it is also an incredibly functional method. Durable wallpapers are popular in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, i.e. places particularly exposed to dirt and damage. However, they also work well in the living room, bedroom, study and children’s room. Thanks to them you can easily change the character of your four walls. New technologies allow us to make unlimited illustrations and fanciful graphics on covering materials. Photowallpapers may be associated with the times of the People’s Republic of Poland and the 90’s. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contemporary products are almost works of art and, what is most important, are made of high quality materials. Unlike those from the past, they do not fade when exposed to sunlight. See the best wallpaper bestsellers that do not go off the charts of interior design magazines

The most fashionable wallpaper patterns

A wall mural that resembles a painting

Among the ideas for interior design using wallpaper, murals and wall paintings are among the latest hits. They often resemble falling plaster, scuffed paint or stains. They are perfect for interiors maintained in modern and industrial style. Another variety are those inspired by popular works of art. They, in turn, will be suitable for eclectic and classic projects.

Photo wallpaper with geometric pattern

Simple patterns in circles, semicircles, arcs and other regular shapes have been on the top list continuously for over a dozen years. You can use this proposal in most interiors. However, they are best suited to vintage and boho style. For lovers of classics, who want to emphasize the originality, but not necessarily by means of color, we recommend black and white models. They guarantee timeless elegance

Photo wallpaper with floral motifs

Growing plants is a hobby for more and more people, but not everyone has a hand for flowers and has time to care for them. That’s why prints resembling different kinds of leaves, stems and buds were created. They are available on the market both in dark and strong colors, as well as in pastel ones. The most successful boast wallpapers in banana leaves, fragrant peas, elder, peonies, as well as ferns. Directed mainly to rooms in the style of Scandinavian, eclectic and Hampton

Metallic wall murals

Finally, it’s time for glitz and glamour. Shiny, intricately crafted patterns, imitation gold, tin or metal blanks or delicate gilded ornaments. No matter which design you choose, you will surely create a unique and eye-catching home. This effect will phenomenally harmonize with glamour and art deco interiors.

3D wall murals

This type will bring a breath of fresh air into your home. A flat wall will appear convex thanks to the appropriate use of colors, shapes and the play of light and shadow. This type of wall mural is best used only on one wall in spacious rooms. Otherwise, you can create the impression of oversaturation. 3D wallpapers are available in all sorts of motifs, from landscapes to molded blobs to characters from well-known and loved cartoons. It will blend into many interiors, it all depends on the illustration you choose.

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Wallpaper will allow you to reduce the cost of decor. They are definitely much cheaper than such materials as stone, brick or concrete, and certainly more affordable than valuable paintings, paintings and sculptures

Have you already decided which type of wallpaper best suits your needs?

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