Magnetic whiteboard paint. 5 ideas for application

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Whiteboard paint allows you to create a personalized decoration. You can write on it any text or draw a picture and then wash everything and start again. We suggest where to use it.

What are the advantages of whiteboard paint?

Whiteboard paint gives unlimited possibilities in arrangement of different kinds of interiors. All thanks to the fact that we can write and draw on its surface with impunity. The so called whiteboard paint is very universal – you can easily paint not only the walls, but also furniture, household appliances, wood, some plastic and metal materials. In addition, it is waterproof, so you can easily use it in the kitchen and even in the bathroom.

Contrary to popular belief, whiteboard paint is available in various colors, not only black (although here you can see the chalk best), but also in blue, red, yellow or white.

When buying whiteboard paint, it is worth paying attention to its quality, as well as the quality of the chalk – it is important that it is not dusty, as dust can settle on the furniture, the floor and all around.

Blackboard paint in the kitchen

One of the most popular uses for whiteboard paint in the home is in the kitchen. Instead of sticking the proverbial yellow post-its on the fridge or attaching notes with a magnet, it’s worth designating a place where you can write everything down freely.

A whiteboard can cover the entire wall in the kitchen or dining room or a small part of it, for example, separated by a decorative frame. It can also be a great solution instead of glass or tiles between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets.

Such a space allows you to write down information addressed to the household members, or to note down recipes, menus, or a shopping list updated every now and then, or to draw any patterns.

As we mentioned earlier, the blackboard can be used to cover other places, for example fragments of flower pots to write the names of flowers or herbs, jars or boxes.

Whiteboard paint in a child’s room

Children love all kinds of painting, drawing and other scribbling. Sometimes, they want to indulge in creative work in the wrong place, that is, on the furniture or on the wall or wallpaper. Stains from markers can be very difficult to remove.

Here with the help comes the blackboard paint, on which the toddler can freely and without any fear write anything he wishes.

You can cover the whole wall with such paint or make an interesting decoration – paint it in the shape of a house and decorate the edges with slats. A good way is also to cover the top of a table or the front of a closet with blackboard. It all depends on the size of the room, available space and our preferences.

Blackboard paint in a home office

A home office often requires a whiteboard, to which we can attach notes and not scatter them all over the desk. You can successfully replace an ordinary cork board with whiteboard paint. Thanks to this all notes will be organized, and in case of a brainstorm everything can be written, erased and written again.

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In addition, it is worth noting that the matte black of the blackboard looks very elegant and perfectly suited to the character of this room.

Blackboard paint in the bathroom

The bathroom is not an obvious choice when it comes to using whiteboard paint. It is a good idea to paint the fronts of the walls with it. It is worth painting the fronts of the cabinets to enjoy an unusual and original arrangement, which every guest will pay attention to. Then the whole bathroom will gain a modern character. It will look great when accompanied by wood.

Blackboard paint in the hallway

Finally, there is the corridor, that is a place where painting the whole wall or even a small part of it makes communication with the household members much easier. It is known that if we want to leave a message, it is impossible to miss it here. Moreover, you can also leave a nice message or a reminder.

It is worth thinking about painting places constantly exposed to dirt, such as around doors, buildings or shoe cupboards.

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