Porcelain decorated with gold. How to take care of it?

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Tableware embellished with a gold frame or pattern is an elegance in itself. How to clean and take care of it so that it stays shiny and beautiful for as long as possible?

Porcelain decorated with gold does not lose its relevance and will prove useful during many celebrations. It is a combination of good quality, style, and classics. It will fit to various occasions. Christmas Eve decorations in red and green are a good combination. So is a white tablecloth and delicate floral inserts. However, if you don’t have time to decorate the table, the porcelain with gold line is tasteful enough to be placed only on the table, which will result in a festive atmosphere

Gold likes with many colors. Decorators believe that it can be combined with silver. This is a bold combination, but it will surely find its followers. Why is porcelain so special? Because in most cases, it is hand-painted. It is difficult and painstaking, requires great concentration and above average skills. Precisely because it is not a wholesale production, the price of porcelain is higher than other plates and cups. It can be used every day.

filiżanka z herbatą
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Can porcelain dishes be washed in a dishwasher?

Contemporary porcelain is characterized by high resistance to mechanical and thermal damage. They are also resistant to detergents, so you can safely wash them in a dishwasher. This rule applies to high quality products. To be sure, pay attention to the producer’s recommendations concerning cleaning of the products. Just remember to properly stack your dishes in the dishwasher, use salt regularly, and clean the interior and filters

Can porcelain dishes be used in the microwave?

When it comes to the microwave oven, caution is advisable. Porcelain tolerates large temperature fluctuations poorly. If you must put it in the microwave, do not put it in immediately after removing it from the refrigerator. This way, it minimizes the possibility of damage.

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Hand washing porcelain

Old porcelain that you inherited from your grandmother is not dishwasher safe. It is too delicate, brittle, and without a protective layer. It is important how the decorations are applied, there are three basic ones.

  • Porcelain with decorations on the glaze – this is the way of producing porcelain from the past, however, nowadays it can also be found on sale. It is not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. The decorative motifs are applied immediately after firing the porcelain. After the design has been painted, the porcelain vessel is fired again, at a slightly lower temperature. This protects the decoration, but not enough to make it dishwasher safe. It requires gentle hand cleaning, otherwise the ornaments may fade
  • Porcelain with decorations under the glaze – in this case the decorations are applied on the fired dish and then fired again. The effect is that the paint blends into the glaze. This is durable, but also we do not recommend daily dishwasher washing. The designs may fade, just at a slower rate
  • Porcelain with decorations in the glaze – here the decorative patterns are applied to the porcelain already in the annealing stage. After that a glaze is applied and it is fired. It is this type of decoration that is most resistant to any damage and is dishwasher safe.

If you own porcelain that cannot be washed in the dishwasher, you are forced to take care of it by hand. If you want it to look impeccable, it’s best to wash all your dishes in a separate plastic bowl. Use lukewarm water, a little dish detergent, and soft cloths or sponges. Do not put wet china in the dryer. After washing, wipe everything thoroughly and store in a cabinet.

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