Order from the threshold. A well-organised hallway

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The hallway is the showcase of our home because it is the first room our guests see. Although they usually stay there for a few minutes, it is worth making a good first impression and tidying it up properly. A well-organized hallway also serves the household members well

How to organize the space in the anteroom so that it is always tidy and orderly? The most important thing is not to leave too many clothes and objects in view. The accumulation of items quickly leads to clutter and chaos, making it hard to find the things we need. This is very frustrating when you are in a hurry. How to avoid such situations and have a perfectly organized hallway?

How to organize an anteroom?

The first step that will help tidy up the hallway space is to get rid of unnecessary things that only take up valuable space. All furniture and objects should fulfill a specific role, because the hallway is usually a small room. What things should be in the hallway to make it functional and tidy?

  • Mirror – this is a very important element of the hallway, because it allows you to look at yourself before leaving the house. Thanks to hanging a mirror, a small room becomes optically enlarged
  • Closet and a shoe shelf – it is mainly thanks to hiding outer clothes and excess shoes that we can enjoy tidiness in the hallway. It is worth to make the closet quite capacious and big as thanks to it, we can make a good use of the space in the anteroom and have a place to store many things
  • Coat hanger – the basic equipment of a hallway should be a coat hanger, on which the household members and guests will be able to leave their coats and jackets. A good practice is to place the coat rack near the exit, so that after putting on your shoes you can immediately reach for your outer garment
  • A seat, a stool for putting on shoes – this is a very helpful and useful piece of furniture in every hallway.
  • Container, basket for keys – keys to the house or car keys are objects which we most often cannot find when we have to leave the house

Ways to keep the hallway tidy

What are some proven methods to keep the hallway neat and tidy? There are many tricks that will be very helpful and allow you to organize your hallway space well

  1. Only seasonal clothes

In order to save space, it is a good idea to store in the hallway only the clothes that we really need. Nothing creates such a mess as hanging winter jackets in the summer or summer sandals falling under your feet when it’s minus temperatures outside. A good solution is to prepare closet sets for certain times of the year

  1. Putting accessories away

In addition to clothes and shoes, we often store other important accessories and closet pieces in the hallway. It’s good for each item to have its own specific place and be put away after use. It is worth preparing a box or a small box to hold shoe cleaning tools, a separate stand for umbrellas and baskets for small items like keys. Many women touch up their makeup in the hallway, so it can be helpful to put cosmetics in a handy makeup bag that can be easily stored in a closet or drawer

  1. Use space wisely

The hallway is a place where we have many things to store, so any extra space where we can hide unused items is at a premium. An interesting and practical solution is a shoe putting bench with an open seat. You can easily construct it yourself, using an old box, on the age of which we fix cushions. Such a patent is a great cache, where we can store shoes or hats and scarves.

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