Furry and fluffy decorations for the living room

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Poles are increasingly willing to choose Scandinavian style in interior design, which is quite cool and simple. This gives a lot of room for manoeuvre when it comes to accessories. Warm, fluffy pillows, furry blankets, and other soft accents work best in a raw interior!

Fur and down are what we love most about winter. Most of us want to wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, drape ourselves in cushions, and feel the soft carpet under our feet as we get down from our favorite chair. That’s why furry and fluffy living room decorations are the perfect solution, especially during the fall and winter seasons.

Pillows, cushions and blankets – winter season 2020

Furry fabrics fit perfectly into almost any interior, adding to it an unusual, warm atmosphere. Trends this season are gracious, because the color palette that is in force, there is no end. Of course, the most popular are still those inspired by nature and animal hair. In opposition to them stand neons and strong autumn colors like burgundy, bottle green, indigo or mustard. What is important, we do not have to invest in sets. Nothing stands in the way of fluffy blanket in leopard pattern, combined with intense yellow or fuchsia

Handmade accessories guarantee quality

When it comes to any pillowcases, blankets, hoods or blankets it is worth buying, those that are handmade. First of all, they are unique, and secondly, people who create them, usually care about the quality of material and workmanship. A great hit among celebrities are merino wool blankets. They are characterized by great quality wool, fluffiness and the fact that blankets and slippers made of it are very warm. Very popular are blankets with thick weave. It is enough to carelessly throw such a blanket on a chair, add a pillow and our interior will look exceptional.

Not only blankets, cushions and bedspreads..

Fur motif has many advantages. It can be elegant, artistic and even funny. That’s why you’ll also find figurines and rugs made of materials that imitate fur on the market. This is all because fluffy accessories go really well with any interior; you just have to choose and arrange them accordingly. Soft accessories make our interiors cozy and relaxing.

Fur for everyone

Fur accessories work well in the cool Scandinavian interior, but also in an elegant living room in a vintage style. We can sit on a soft carpet, reading books or watching your favorite movie. A great solution are also returning to favor mouton rugs, which can be freely combined and matched depending on the style. They work well in bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Such a rug, combined with your favorite armchair, a warm blanket and a soft pillow, will allow you to arrange a corner of relaxation in our living room. In such a place we can additionally hang LED lights, which will create a festive mood.

What should you consider when choosing fur decorations for your living room?

There are many soft cushions on the market, tempting you to touch them and take them home. However, it’s worth investing in good quality decorations – ones that we can reuse to create a different, interesting arrangement of our living room or other room. As we mentioned, it is best to buy handmade products. However, they may scare many people with the price. Fortunately, we can also find interesting accessories in stores and chain stores. It is enough to pay attention to the quality of material and workmanship.

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