Aromatic spices for autumn tea

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A mug of warm aromatic tea not only warms up, but also improves the mood in long autumn evenings. During autumn and winter time it is worth enriching tea with various additives that will enrich its taste and have a health promoting effect.

What is worth adding to tea?

It’s worth adding spices and products that not only enrich its taste but also have a positive influence on your mood and health.

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Very many health properties have:

  • orange – contains vit. C, vit. A, vit. B, vit. P and terpenes (organic compounds with bactericidal and fungicidal effects),
  • lemon – contains vit. C and flavonoids, which help remove toxins from the body,
  • raspberries – support the immune system in the fight against cold,
  • blueberries – have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects,
  • blackberries and black lentils – have an antipyretic effect,
  • ginger – an effective natural weapon against bacteria and viruses,
  • cardamom – improves appetite and has antibacterial effects,
  • vanilla – has properties that aid digestion,
  • aniseed – spice recommended during respiratory infections,
  • cinnamon – strengthens immunity,
  • cloves – have anti-inflammatory properties,
  • honeydew honey,
  • linden honey,
  • heather honey,
  • rum warms you up

Green tea, black tea, white tea or red tea?

Nowadays in Poland you can choose between different kinds of tea. In stores you can buy tea:

  • black – the most popular type of tea in the country. It improves thinking ability,
  • red – has a slightly earthy taste. Great regulates metabolism,
  • green – has a very delicate taste and aroma,
  • white – has a very subtle aroma. It improves concentration.

TOP 5 best recipes for aromatic autumn tea

Classic tea with lemon and cloves


  • black tea,
  • 2 lemon slices with zest,
  • 5 cloves,
  • 2 pinches of cinnamon.


Brew the tea with cloves. When it cools slightly, add some lemon slices and cinnamon. If you don’t like bitter tea, you can sweeten it with honey.

Sweet vanilla-chocolate tea

  • black tea,
  • vanilla stick,
  • a cube of dark chocolate – grated in small pieces,
  • pinch of cardamom.


Brew the tea. When it cools slightly, add crushed vanilla pod, cardamom and grated chocolate.

Warming tea with orange

  • black tea,
  • thick slice of orange,
  • 5 slices of fresh ginger,
  • honey as desired.


Brew the tea and immediately add the ginger to it. When it cools slightly, add orange. It is recommended to add honey when the temperature of the tea reaches about 50°C – then the honey will not lose its healthful properties.

Tea warmer


  • black tea,
  • 1/3 cinnamon stick,
  • star anise,
  • ¼ stick of vanilla,
  • a pinch of cardamom,
  • honeydew honey.


Brew the tea and immediately add the spices. When the tea cools to about 50°C, add honey.

Tea with rum

  • black tea,
  • rum 25 ml,
  • orange slice,
  • optional teaspoon of honey.


Brew the tea. When it cools slightly, add rum and orange slices. If you like, you can sweeten the tea with honey.

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