Decorations with animal motifs – see inspirations!

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Each of us cares about an original interior of our home, which arouses admiration and delight of visitors. What if we let ourselves go a little crazy and introduce animal motifs into our arrangement?

Animal motifs have been leading the way in fashion for many years. Animal patterns not only look great on clothing or jewelry, but also in the interior of the house. Many people, despite the popularity of animal motifs in interiors, are afraid of them. The reason may be that they are often associated with kitsch and bad taste. It is a mistake! We present the most beautiful decorations with animal motifs that are worth using in your home.

Jungle in your home

Until recently, wall murals appeared to be a cheap form of decorating a room. However, times have changed and so have wallpapers. If well thought out and integrated into the interior, they can work wonders. Wallpapers with jungle motifs have become popular among celebrities. Much more colorful and interesting are those which not only depict exotic flowers, but also parrots, toucans and other colorful birds. This is a great solution if you have furniture in a subdued color scheme. A good example is the colorful wall mural from artpasaz profile.

Trinkets will also add splendor and style to the interior. It is worth warming up a cool interior with interesting accessories. Nothing warms up white walls like animal motifs straight from hot and shimmering Africa. Interesting ideas are suggested by shone_home on her instagram profile. Animal figurines, as long as we don’t use them too much, can be an interesting decoration – they can serve as a jewelry hanger or a paperweight

The same goes for carpets with animal prints, which warm up the interior and add character to it. Many inspirations can be found on

Carpets, cushions and textiles

We don’t have to remind you that children love animals. It is worth using this motif, since it is universal. Simple decorations using animal motifs will make the child’s room resemble a real jungle.

Nothing warms up the interior as much as textiles. Especially cushions and pillows make us feel extremely comfortable in such a room. Combine brightly coloured furniture with muted animal motifs. You will find great arrangements on kittingoutcromwell‘s instagram. Cushions with a bear or bird of paradise motif, as in aurinkopeilia, will add character to our living room.

During the winter season, it’s a good idea to warm up the interior with a thick blanket or rug. Motifs with animals such as reindeer or wolf will work well not only in a Scandinavian-style room, but wherever you find a lot of wood or wicker

Flower pots and interesting decorations

Although it is commonly believed that all figurines or decorations are superfluous dust catchers, it is they that give the interior a unique atmosphere. A popular owl motif will suit most rooms

Do not forget about bathroom accessories. Interesting metal shelves and various types of figurines will make the daily bath a pleasant ritual

Fans of flowers can use flower pots as beautiful decorations for rooms. Animal motifs on flower pots go well with plants.
Of course, those of you who don’t like too much room decoration can opt for posters in decorative frames with animal motifs. A shy reindeer looking from the wall, as in the profile 1001_faden
will beautifully change the look of the rooms in your home.

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