Hanging pots. Details that create a green interior atmosphere

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With the fashion for domestic urban jungles, we increasingly surround ourselves with potted plants, not only in balcony and terrace arrangements, but also place them in interiors. 

After a while, if we get really into growing and caring for green plants, we notice a growing desire to have more specimens, and to decorate our home space with them, which, however, has certain limitations. This is where hanging pots come to our aid!

Green climate in a new way

Until now, hanging flowerpots and variations on their theme were rather associated with the times of the People’s Republic of Poland and, let’s be honest, then they were a practical necessity rather than a decoration. Fortunately, this fashion, too, has returned in a slightly refreshed form to delight recipients again. 

Increasingly, we are keen to introduce natural greenery in the form of potted flowers into our home spaces. Importantly, if we want to start our adventure with home flowers, we do not have to feel the pressure of perfection at all. At first, we can bet on plant species that are easy to grow. 

Until now we have rather associated hanging pots with balconies, terraces and gardens, where we could admire flowering cascades of surfinia, geraniums or verbena. Now it’s safe to say that hanging pots are returning to living rooms, admittedly in a slightly refreshed form. Heavy and clumsy blocks have gained lightness and flair. We think we can safely risk saying that the pots, along with beautiful and well-kept plants, are becoming small works of applied art, which sensationally blend with our interiors.

Hanging pots, or what kind of pots?

Hanging pots are an excellent solution especially for those who can’t resist the temptation to have more plants. Thanks to them, we have a chance to introduce a larger patch of greenery into the interior without wasting valuable space. For this purpose, especially models mounted directly to the wall are great. They can be made of various materials in interesting colors. They allow you to create an interesting flower arrangement that introduces us to a green atmosphere. This is an option that will work not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the kitchen, where we can place herbs we often use.

Extravagant models suspended from the ceiling will sensationally blend with hanging flowers. The larger the specimen, the better the effect. If we place such an accessory in the living room or bedroom, we can be sure that it will be the first thing that will catch the eye of everyone who is in the room.

If not a pot, then what?

However, we do not always have to opt unconditionally for the use of hanging pots. For example, an interesting solution may turn out to be flowerbeds with designer forms, combining metal, glass or wood, for example. This type of decoration not only guarantees us solidity and good support for our plants, even the heavier ones, but will also become strong details that conquer any arrangement. 

Another unconventional way to introduce hanging greenery into the interiors will be various types of braids and macramé, which sensationally fit especially into arrangements maintained in boho and scandi style. In addition, it is a great idea to find a new hobby, which may turn out to be braiding macramé. Creating a flowerbed yourself and decorating your home with it is an additional satisfaction.

main photo: unsplash.com/Sanni Sahil

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