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Glamour style interiors are an elegant, upscale space that would be perfect for a bedroom. This style was born in the twentieth century, but it keeps coming back, and for several years it has been at the top of interior trends

Glamour is all about glamour, which may be associated with interiors from movies. It is worth remembering not to cross the border of kitsch and to be moderate when choosing accessories. How to create a unique bedroom in glamour style?

Main rules of the glamour style bedroom

Glamour style is a combination of contrasts, seemingly incompatible elements, which together create a surprising and elegant whole. This style was created in response to interior minimalism. After all, not everyone likes delicate accents. Glamour is glitz and glamour, there are no compromises in this style, although moderation is recommended. Therefore it is worth to focus on the elements of a room and not on the base, which is the color of walls.

Choosing colors for glamour interiors

In a bedroom in glamour style it is worth to carefully plan the placement of even small things, because staying in an interior with too many trinkets can be simply oppressive. A bedroom is an oasis of peace and relaxation, so it is worth remembering about moderation. Wall colors, which usually appear for example in glamour salons, are bright, dominated by reds, purples and intense pinks. In case of bedrooms, it is worth to bet on something less crazy, beiges and dim greens will fit perfectly. One of the main rules is to use high gloss furniture in combination with matte walls, so they will be a neutral background for extravagant furniture and accessories.

Glamour bedroom decorative elements

When arranging a glamour style bedroom, we cannot overlook even the smallest detail. We can’t count on random matching. Despite the fact that this style combines many contrasts, everything is carefully planned. Consistency is the key word to follow in such interiors.

You can combine such elements as a modern bed and old furniture, or a mirror with a golden frame with modern wallpaper. Everything depends on the final effect. A glamour bedroom cannot do without gold and silver elements. They are the quintessence of glamour and glitter. Any decoration in these tones will be a great complement to this style, both in the bedroom and in the living room.

Air of luxury

Bedroom in glamour style should give the impression of luxury. The materials that decorate it should be glossy. On the floor, for example, stone will be perfect, preferably in a large format. Add pillows and trims made of satin, silk and satin. Such a stylish bedroom should be complemented with large mirrors and decorative lamps.

Keep moderation

A fashionable glamour bedroom cannot be exaggerated. It requires taste and ability to combine different elements of interior design. The arrangement may turn out to be overwhelming, if we use too many strong colors or inadequate accessories. It is best to bet on a safe alternative and combine shades of gray and white with glossy textures. Additionally silver and gold elements such as candlesticks and lamps will create a consistent color design. However, glamour is not only glitter but also elegance. Interesting ideas and inspirations may also be found in interior design magazines. Sometimes it’s worth doing some research first before you start redecorating your interior.

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