Lanterns for the living room. Metal or wooden?

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Lanterns are a very fashionable addition to the interior. Which models are best for the living room?

Lanterns and lanterns until recently were only a garden accessory. For some time now they have become a decorative element in interiors. You can place them, for example, on a windowsill, a fireplace or a dresser. They are available in different styles.

Lanterns for glamour interiors

Glamour style is characterized by luxury. In such a living room furniture are in subdued colors. Decorative elements, such as curtains, cushions add glamour to the interior. Lamps in glamour style should shine and catch the eye with their beauty. It is worth choosing a metal or gold-plated lantern, which will attract the eye, adding character to the interior.

A lantern with a simple form and mirrored edges will suit glamour style living room. It will complement other decorations.

Lanterns for the interior in rustic style

Rustic style, also called country style, is an interior design in natural colors. If you decorate the living room in this style, then you should think very carefully about the issue of accessories. The inspiration for this style is nature and idyllic images. Therefore, you should choose accessories only from natural materials.

Lantern for the interior in the rustic style should be made of wood, metal or wicker. Candle lanterns will work best in such an interior. A great variety of interior in the rustic style are glass lanterns in the shape of a jar. They will be complemented by a large white candle placed inside.

Lanterns for interior in Provence style

Decorated lanterns are an element, which can not be missing in the living room in Provence style. Warm bright interiors are associated with lavender fields. Lanterns for the living room in this style should have a very delicate form, which will harmonize with the decor of the entire interior.

Lanterns for the interior in champion style

Champion style, or luxury combined with comfort. Maritime accents are a characteristic feature. This style is associated with wealthy New Yorkers who own beachfront homes. In such an interior it is pleasant to rest after a hard day. In a champion style living room, it is best to use whitewashed, wooden or small bamboo lanterns arranged on the windowsill or dresser. Thanks to them, the interior will become cozier.

Lanterns for Scandinavian interiors

In the living room in the Scandinavian style will look best lantern in white with a simple form, harmonizing with the cool Scandinavian style. In winter you can opt for white openwork lanterns, which will warm up the interior, giving it a festive atmosphere.

Industrial style lanterns

A wire lantern or one made of black metal will work best in an industrial style living room. Such a decorative element will emphasize the interior design and add to its modernity.

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