Criteria for selecting a home entry door

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The front door of the house is the gateway to the comfort zone and the most intimate space for the whole family. Moreover, they are a guarantee of safety and protection from burglars and other intruders. A good and well thought-out choice of the front door is a serious decision that requires some information and consideration of certain aspects, such as the material of construction or the type of locks. We present the important criteria for choosing the front door of your home.

Solid and durable material

Doors can be made of many different materials. The cheapest, but also the least durable, is wood plywood. Two sheets of thin plywood with a blank space in between is practically no protection at all, as any hard kick will give strangers uninvited access to your home. So don’t be tempted by the low price of this type of door, it’s worth investing in your security

Particle board is a much sturdier material for a home entry door. It is a much more solid and sturdy material, making a board door much safer than one made of plywood. Other than disarming the lock, there is no way to get into the home here if the door is properly locked

Plastic, depending on its quality can be the most secure or completely unprotective option when it comes to your front door. Pvc doors are often additionally reinforced, but if the plastic is less durable and susceptible to damage

Locks that are compatible with the door

Depending on the type of door, different types of locks can be used in them. The most basic door models allow only one lock to be installed. More advanced types already have two locks, although it is still a basic, simple lock that does not provide the highest possible protection. Traditional locks are quite easy to undermine and disarm, especially with the skilled hand of a burglar

Doors with burglar-proof locks provide the most protection against being opened without a key. These types of locks have several bolts, which when closed enter into holes in the door frame. This design makes the lock almost impossible to disarm

Thermal insulation

Exterior doors have another very important function – protection from the cold. The entrance to the house is the place where most cold air from the outside can penetrate the interior. The entrance door should have good thermal insulation because on cold days without it the hallway can get really cold. You can buy doors that are specially designed to provide excellent protection against the cold and heat at

Apart from the insulation itself, the door should also be properly protected against external and atmospheric elements such as rain, snow, frost or heat. Also hail strikes or branches flying in strong winds should not be a big problem with a good quality front door

The entrance to a house should be safe and reserved only for those who are authorized by its inhabitants. Solid material and high quality locks will guarantee you and your family peace and security. On the other hand, the insulation provided by strong and airtight doors will protect you from the cold outside. These are the most important criteria you should follow when buying an entrance door.

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