Black wall only for the brave? We dispel the myths

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Black accents in interiors appear more and more often. Modern design often refers to the classic duo of black and white, discreetly combining strong colors with subdued shades

The black wall is somehow emblematic of interiors with large spaces. However, increasingly often accents in the color of deep black appear even in small rooms. With proper knowledge of the tricks of optical enlargement of the interior and use of lighting to your advantage, you can without risk introduce black elements in your four walls.

Not only in large interiors

Most people assume that black (and not only – generally dark colors) walls can be introduced to interiors distinguished by a large area. However, the truth is slightly different – in small interiors black accents also look elegant, aesthetic and modern. All you need is just to balance their quantity appropriately. Instead of painting all the walls of a bedroom or living room black, separate an appropriate section of one surface. Paint the rest of the walls in toned down, bright colors, for contrast

Choose lighting

If you decide to paint one wall – or part of it – black, choose the one opposite the window. Incoming rays will fall on the black wall and gently illuminate the dark spot of the arrangement. It is certainly worth choosing a light ceiling and floor, to avoid the claustrophobic effect of a closed box. Also take care of proper lighting – in addition to a hanging lamp, choose modern wall lamps or garlands of industrial lights. The more bright elements of the room, the less overwhelming the black color scheme will seem

Black brick – industrial accents

If you love the industrial character of the arrangement, you will love black in any edition! Black accessories, furniture, as well as color accents in the walls will certainly go well with light wood. If you dream about black wall in industrial edition, bet on brick! It works best in the living room or kitchen, and uneven texture highlighted by intense paint color will go well with raw interiors maintained in loft style

Classic color duo

In modern arrangements a duet of white and black often appears. It provides a safe base for the introduction of accessories and interior design elements in the style of glamour, as well as silver and gold accents. Both black and white also go well with raw materials such as wood and metal, so they create a wide range of design possibilities. Based on the color ying yang you can create a modern, industrial, avant-garde and glamorous arrangement


Magnetic paint

If you decide on black accents, you can also use whiteboard paint or magnetic paint. Although it may be associated mainly with children’s or teenagers’ rooms, it is very practical. Whiteboard and magnetic paint can successfully replace corkboards and chalkboards, making them great for painting parts of your office. Especially when working remotely, a large space to organize your plans and schedules in a home office is at a premium

Home gallery

A black wall will look great as a canvas for a photo gallery or displaying minimalist posters. It’s best to dress them up with light-colored frames or use modest antiframes. If you decide to paint the wall with magnetic paint, with the help of magnets you can create an irregular, creative composition.

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