Cypress in a pot. Methods of care and breeding

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Cypress is a plant that looks great in any home, but it is worth remembering that its healthy growth depends on the conditions in which it will live.

The potted version of the cypress, which is suitable for growing at home, is the great cypress(Cupressus Macrocarpa or Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Pygmaea’). Although its cultivation is not the most difficult, there are a few factors to pay special attention to. One of them is the fact that the cypress is characterized by considerable sensitivity to temperature and conditions in which it lives

Cypress in a pot – what does it need for proper growth?

First of all, cypresses like moderate light. They should therefore stand in a fairly sunny place or possibly in a slightly shaded one. If there is not enough light – the growth of the plant will be stopped and its lower parts will be thinned. Another important issue is the temperature. It is best if in winter it is about 10 degrees. In summer, however, the cypress is best placed outside (but not in a strongly sunny place). It is worth remembering that the air in the room should not be dry and the cypress should be watered regularly. It should have sufficiently moist soil and be sprinkled, preferably with soft water. A cypress in a pot must grow in fertile soil with an acid reaction not exceeding pH 7. The plant should also be fertilized with liquid fertilizer and the best time for this is from March to September. Young cypresses should be transplanted to bigger pots every two or three years, and older ones – according to their needs.

Which pot is best for a cypress?

The choice of the pot is very important for the proper development of the cypress. First of all, it should not be too small. This is due to the fact that the roots of this plant can grow a lot, therefore, they need enough space. Besides, a pot which is too small (and made of unsuitable material) may even destroy the roots of the cypress. Which pot should I buy? First of all, in such a pot which will be at least twice as big as the circumference of the plant’s roots. Remember about the drainage layer which should be placed in the pot. The cypress, near the drainage hole, must have drainage placed. What should it consist of? Of gravel, ceramic pieces or other favorable material. This is necessary to prevent the accumulation of excess water in the pot. Too much moisture causes the roots to rot, which leads to the death of the plant.

What else should be kept in mind?

An important factor without which growing a cypress in a pot at home is not possible is providing it with an appropriate amount of water. It is very important to water the plant regularly, sprinkle its twigs and ensure appropriate air humidity in the place where it is located. Without fulfilling all these conditions, the cypress may start to wither

There are times when these plants are already dried out inside from the moment of purchase. This may be due to damaged roots or fungal diseases. In this case, in addition to providing the plant with the right conditions, it is worth trying to clean the scales of the cypress and spray it with special liquids

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