An idea for a comfortable and stylish seat. Puff from tire and string

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Creativity can also be introduced into interior design – both through interesting color and style combinations and self-made furniture. A puff made of tires and string is a piece of furniture that is easy to make, even with children

If you have old tires to use and a bit of creativity, you can quickly create interesting furniture – for the living room and terrace. Although in the article we suggest how to create a pouf from an old tire, you can use it in many different ways – to make a swing, a table or a flowerbed

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Recycled and ingenious

A rubber tire can take between 50 and 80 years to decompose. Besides, its composition itself is not impressive – the chemical mixture from which the tires are made contains a number of environmentally hazardous substances. Tires can be refurbished by retreading – putting a new tread on a tire that is in good condition, at most a few years old. The more worn ones can be used to make rubber components used not only in automotive applications, but also as granules for asphalt production. However, if you have old tires to dispose of, you can use them more creatively as a base to create stylish and comfortable furniture

What will you need?

The shopping list itself is not complicated. You will need a tire. The larger the diameter, the better, it will provide a comfortable seat – it is assumed that it must be at least 10 centimeters wide. Another necessary element is jute twine, available at any DIY store. You’ll use hot glue to attach it, so stock up on glue gun and refills. Also, the material for the seat – fiberboard or a piece of wood will work great. For added comfort, it’s also a good idea to use a sponge to pad the seat – it can be covered with a fabric of any design and color scheme

How to make a stylish seat from a tire – step-by-step instructions

First, thoroughly wash the tire, clean off dirt and grease – preferably under pressure. With a jigsaw cut two circles from MDF or wood and screw on the rim, which is usually hidden in the rim. Before cutting, carefully measure the diameter of the plate you will need. For more stability, it’s a good idea to screw the plate in several different places around the circumference of the circle

Next, tape the pouf with twine. You can lay it flat, rotate it around its axis – as you like. It is important to dose the glue and glue the string very carefully, up to the borders of the top base of the pouffe

Cut a circle of the same diameter as the seat base from a sponge. Cover it with the fabric of your choice, which you attach from below with staples. Glue the “cushion” thus made to the wooden/fiber base of the pouffe. If you want the piece of furniture to serve as a table, do not attach the soft part permanently – let it be just an additional seat. And there you have it!

Scandinavian, eco, modern style – let your imagination run wild!

The pouffe covered with jute rope has a very universal character. The colors are reminiscent of natural materials, making it perfect for interiors with muted colors, as well as those where raw materials play first fiddle in the arrangement. It will work great as an addition to a scandi style terrace or a boho inspired living room

Remember that the final effect depends on you. If you want to give your pouffe a more modern feel, choose a seat fabric that features a geometric pattern. A combination of a timeless duo – black and white – will also be perfect. The neon material of the cushion can also emphasise the strong character of the arrangement and be the main color point of the décor

The most important thing, however, is that the puff of tires and string is a piece of furniture with a soul – made by yourself, from recycled materials, which gained a second life thanks to you. It is distinguished by originality and unique design

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