Table pads. Types and uses

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Table placemats are one of the trends that have been around for years. Of course, their form and type have evolved and even their function has changed a bit. You can find them in homes, offices and restaurants. They have versatile uses and plenty of designs!

Protection from dirt

Table pads were manufactured to protect various types of surfaces from dirt. A table, desk, or dresser is much harder to clean than a placemat. They are a more interesting solution than a traditional tablecloth. It is often enough to wipe them with a wet cloth to remove the remains after dinner. Often the bane in the kitchen and dining room are greasy stains, which are difficult to clean. An excellent protection will be a coaster that allows you to bring order. Wine stains on white furniture are a well known problem and it doesn’t take much to get rid of them. Stylish coasters – under the glass itself or larger – will make the task easier. Usually, the material they are made of is easy to clean. Moreover, it is easier to buy a new coaster than a tablecloth.

This form of protection is also suitable for a child’s room. The desk is exposed to stains from ink, markers or glue, so it is worth protecting it. This is where a place for a placemat, for example, with a favorite hero or theme, comes in.

Decorative function

In addition to their protective function, placemats can also be decorative. Their variety – in terms of materials, patterns, colors, and even sizes – allows you to completely indulge your imagination

Placemats may be placed directly on the table surface, but also on the tablecloth. We should only follow the rule, that the base – in this case the tablecloth – must be of one color. It is the pads that give us the room to show off. You may go crazy with shapes and patterns, currently geometric shapes with rounded edges are fashionable

What is the most interesting, the producers meet the clients’ needs and give the possibility to create own pads. They may present any motives, forms and shapes. You can, for example, give your friend a present with the picture of her favourite artist. The diversity of the mousepads allows you to match them to any interior.

However not everybody wants to have mug pads all over the table, they look for sophisticated models, which will be placed e.g. on a dresser. These small elements may enliven the interior and give it an individual style.

On the market you may find plastic, cork, vinyl, bamboo and the least functional – cotton placemats.

The material depends on the place where they will be placed. Plastic mats are an alternative for the youngest ones, who get dirty the most. Bamboo ones are a boho accent that will be harder to clean, so you can arrange it as a decorative element under the pitcher and glasses. Cork ones are mainly used to protect furniture from hot dishes. There are even special small coasters for a cup of coffee. An absolute hit are vinyl mats, which not only protect the tabletop, but also look beautiful.

Cotton pads will be not very practical, but the most elegant, they are often used in hotels and restaurants. They have a dual use – they can also be a protection for your knees during a meal.

As you can see, placemats have many uses, not only protective, but decorative. It all depends on the place, material and design. They can make more than one bland interior more attractive.

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