3 photo frame ideas

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Dried plants, a tray, or a place to display treasures – frames don’t have to hold traditional photos at all. It’s worth going a step further and using them in a different, creative way.

A photo frame – a universal decoration

Photo frames are one of the most popular decorations that we can find in our homes. We hang them on the walls, place them on a dresser, cabinet or desk – individually or in groups.

What’s more, we have access to various types – both in terms of their shape, size, material and color. All this to perfectly match them to any interior and content. In addition, nothing stands in the way of repainting such a frame for photographs in the color of your choice. Here the spray paint will work best.

It is worth using photo frames not only for this one, decorative function. They can have a completely different purpose. We prove that they do not have to contain only photos.

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What’s more, there may even be nothing in them at all. In modern arrangements, on a wall with an interesting color or texture, we hang empty frames, preferably several next to each other, so that they create an original decoration and emphasize the nature of the wall

Dried plants

The first way we suggest is to place in a picture frame… a plant, or more precisely dried leaves and flowers. As for the drying process itself, it’s best to put them between the pages of a book and wait a bit

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Ready specimens can be glued to a white sheet or gray paper and only put into the frame. Such decoration will beautifully decorate any interior – bedroom, kitchen, living room or children’s room. Its big advantage is its low price and the fact that at any time you can replace it with another one. Not only green leaves, but also autumn leaves in shimmering red, yellow or orange colors will look great.

You can also glue leaves or flowers directly to the glass of the frame, without any paper. Then, of course, you can hang it on the wall, but it’s much better to put it on a windowsill or hang it on a window so that the sun’s rays can penetrate through the plant and diffuse the light.

Replace the frame with a tray

A tray is useful for many things. You serve breakfast to bed on it or carry coffee, tea and plates. You can use it to decorate a coffee table or a bench. There are many possibilities.

Not all tray models available in stores meet our expectations. It often turns out that the search is long and fruitless. Here with help come picture frames. They are relatively inexpensive, and at the same time you can find them in literally any size and shade.

A tray made with your own hands from a frame will enjoy doubly. In addition, you can freely change its center – put a photo, decorative plain paper, in geometric patterns, with an inscription or any other motif, interesting graphics, or leave the glass saute

If the tray is not thick enough, you may want to attach handles to it (for example, such as those for furniture). Then it will be easier and more stable to move it from place to place.

In this case you can really go crazy and create a designer tray. It all depends on our creativity.

Display in a frame… objects

A photo frame is also a great place to display your valuables. You can put into it basically everything that we associate well and has a flat surface – both old postcards, letters, concert tickets, children’s laurels, drawings, diplomas and awards, and your collector’s collection – stamps, banknotes or coins.

A decorative photo frame (without glass) can serve as a frame surrounding some object. For example, a photographer who wants to show off his camera can display it in a large frame on the wall without glass.

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