Large ornamental plants for the home – the hardest specimens

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Plants have entered the salons, and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere. More and more people discover the soul of a home-grown botanist who wants to have beautiful, healthy specimens in their home.

When we have large spaces, the temptation to have large plants is even stronger. Do we have to defend ourselves against it, even if we deal with plant care on average? Definitely not! Here is a list of simple to grow, and thus durable large ornamental plants that will change any interior!

Beautiful and impressive, and at the same time “easy to use”?

Not everyone has a so-called flower hand, no matter how he lamented it. Fortunately, it does not mean that he has to give up his dream of having large and large flowers in his home. As you probably know, there are many species of houseplants that even a layman can handle.

With a little commitment and attention, even a beginner can grow large plants within a few months. Of course, nothing stands in the way of buying a plant that interests us in terms of size, but then we also have to take into account its higher than standard price.

Large plants that will decorate your interior:


A beautiful palm tree with large, spreading plumes of leaves wonderfully fills the space. At home, it can reach up to 2 meters in height. She likes warmth, so you can easily place it next to the radiator without fear that something will happen to her. It also likes high humidity, so it is worth sprinkling it. This palm is considered to be one of the best air-purifying plants.


Everyone knows cacti. They do not require constant care, and when we forget to water them for a long time, nothing will happen to them. Also, depending on the species, they can reach large sizes, which unfortunately takes time, but in our opinion it is definitely worth it, because they enrich and enrich the interior.


Queen of the lounges. The very name implies that it can achieve monstrous greatness. With proper care, a single leaf can be up to 60 cm in diameter. Providing it with access to diffused light, adequate soil and even relatively irregular watering, its beauty will surely surprise you.


It is another simple-to-grow flower of unusual beauty, which cannot be killed by initial errors in cultivation. We grow really beautiful and magnificent sanseverias, providing them with plenty of light and moisture, but they will also cope with dry environments. Adult specimens can reach a height of up to 150 cm. Decorative saber-shaped leaves will decorate the living room or hall, but they will also work well in the bedroom, because they filter the air in the room where they are placed.


Like cacti, it can grow to surprising sizes, especially if we let it. You will also not notice the deplorable consequences in its appearance, even if you forget to water it for a long time. What’s more, having it at home, you will always have its precious flesh at hand, which you can use, for example, to make a face mask or compress your shoulders or neckline when the sun burns you.

main photo: Blum

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