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Keeping children’s toys in order is every parent’s dream. If your toddler has his own room, you can organize the toy storage space with the help of various items.

17 ways to store toys

1. Shelves and racks

The simplest and most popular way to store toys in a child’s room are bookcases and shelves.

2. Plastic boxes

Plastic boxes, like bookcases, are one of the most popular ways to store kids’ toys. The biggest advantage of this solution is low price. Such storage boxes can be purchased in different sizes and colors.

3. Wooden crates

Closable wooden crates are a very eco-friendly and practical way to store toys. Such a crate can be used as a seat as well as a storage space.

4. Pouffes

Most pouffes are openable, meaning they have storage space inside. This makes this piece of furniture very functional. The poufs are available in different designs and colors.

5. Expandable tote bag

The expandable bag for LEGO bricks is a great place to play and store them. The block bag does not take up much space, making it easy to store.

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6. Lego storage boxes

Lego boxes that look like mega blocks or a mega LEGO man head are an interesting way to store blocks. Such boxes can be stacked on top of each other, so you can save a lot of space. The boxes are available in different sizes and colors.

7. Laminated toy boxes

Laminated toy boxes are the perfect way to store small toys like small wooden puzzles or dresses for your Barbie doll.

8. Raffia basket

Raffia is a natural material that fits well with eco-friendly trends. Baskets made of natural raffia are very durable, thanks to which they will serve children for many years of use. Rice baskets are very popular and can be purchased in various shapes and colors. The price of the baskets is quite high because they are handmade products.

9. Fabric or crochet toy baskets

One of the most popular ways to store toys are fabric and crochet toy baskets. Such baskets are available in different designs and colors, so every parent can easily match it with the child’s room.

10. A rolling toy chest

A toy chest with wheels is good for storing larger toys. Very often children use such a crate for creative play.

11. Small boxes

Small wooden or plastic crates are great for storing small toys like train tracks or doll clothes.

12. Stake basket

An unused hanging flowerbed is the perfect place to store stuffed animals. Then you can paint it in your child’s favourite color and decorate it with colourful flowers or wooden cars.

13. Magnets for toy cars

Magnetic bars are a great way to store a large number of toy cars. By screwing such strips to the wall you can save a lot of shelf space.

14. Garage made of wooden box

A garage made from a wooden crate and toilet paper rolls is a DIY way to store lots of cars.

15. Fabric organizers

A fabric organizer hung on the door is a good place to store small items. Such an organizer is especially useful in the room of a teenager and a toddler.

16. Toolboxes

Toolboxes are good places to keep things for drawing and painting. Crayons and erasers get lost very quickly. Thanks to this they will have a permanent place.

17. Drawer under the crib

A drawer under the crib is a great way to store your baby’s various toys. Such a drawer will be perfect for storing books, boxes with puzzles, coloring books and books with stickers.

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