Bedcovers – protection or decoration?

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For several seasons bedspreads have been one of the most fashionable interior accessories. Modern bedspreads have a double function: they protect the bed from dirt and complement the interior design.

The double function of a bedspread

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in every bedroom.

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How to choose a bedspread for your bedroom?

When choosing a bedspread you may want to consider

  • the size of the room:
    • for small bedrooms, single-colored bedspreads are recommended,
    • large bedrooms can be decorated with stripes and geometric patterns
  • the style of your interior.

How to choose the right bedspread for your bedroom?

The bedspread in a bedroom should be matched to the style of the bedroom. A classic or modern look will be best served by a quilted bedspread. A simple bedspread in white, grey or brown is best for a Scandinavian interior. Choose a richly decorated bedspread for a glamorous bedroom. Choose the size of the bedspread according to the size of the bed. Bedspreads are available in the following sizes 200×220, 180×220.

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