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Do you want to reach customers in your city and its surroundings? Then a great solution is local SEO – on-site and off-site activities that will increase the visibility of your store or website in a specific region. Maybe You live and do business in Baltimore? Brilliant! Good Baltimore SEO agency can do a lot of good for your business. This is a good option for owners of service companies, whose customers are looking for the nearest car service, plumber or restaurant. Nowadays we love checking fancy URLs, so our tip for You is to look for well-rated audit UX.

Local SEO – what is it?

What exactly is local SEO? Local SEO, as it is also called, is a set of activities focused on increasing the visibility of a website in a selected location, mainly in a specific city and its surroundings. Just as we’ve said, agencies can improve Your local SEO, but You need to ask for audit UX or SEO audit first. They are here to help You, and there are many of them, for example:  Baltimore seo agency, Detroit seo agency, and so on. The basis of their effectiveness are primarily keywords with the addition of the location, for example, positioning Seattle, plumber Miami or restaurant Houston https://www.icea-group.com/miami-seo/.

Making sure these phrases appear on your website is only one of many factors influencing the increase of your position in search engine results. As it turns out – equally important is, for example, the location of the Internet user looking for specific services. Even if he types a phrase without a city, Google will display results in the nearest area, using, among others, the IP of his device or determining the geographical location using GPS. That’s why it’s a good idea to add a contact tab with your company’s address, which will allow Google to assign your company to a given location.

Is local positioning for every company?

If you own an online store, which does not have a stationary point, then local positioning will not help you increase the number of customers. It’s different for small and medium-sized businesses that operate mainly locally. We’re talking about companies focusing on different types of services – catering, hotel, hairdressing, cosmetics, construction or automotive. Also florists, gyms, dentists, libraries, nurseries and schools, medical stores and even small travel agencies will benefit from local SEO. Moreover, local SEO is recommended for large companies that have outlets in several cities across the province or country. Business most probably has its own website, so what You can do is to take advantage of it with audit UX. You can work locally, and it’s not mean that your website should be neglected. Better website will always improve your outreach with prospects.

Where to start with local SEO?

At the beginning, it is advisable to conduct SEO tests to see how the website performs in search results. Based on the results, you can decide on the next steps that will help you in positioning your business locally. Like it was said Seattle, Miami, New York, Baltimore seo agency will make your local SEO stronger with many services. These include, for example:

  • Google My Company business card,
  • adding your business to Google Maps,
  • presence on local forums,
  • on-site activities – saturation of content with key phrases from the city, optimization of headlines, providing the address and contact details of the company,
  • link building (off-site), i.e. acquiring links directing to your website from other local websites, for example from the city hall website.

Main image: NisonCo PR and SEO/unsplash.com

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  • Bill Janson 05.08.2022

    Local SEO hit the spot for my business. I found out about it in this article https://sxo.pl/seo/ and actions completely changed my results. I noticed a sudden increase in users interested in my offer. Of course, as you mentioned, we should remember that it is not suitable for every company. I personally run a stationary store, and I am convinced that local SEO is an appropriate practice for all companies similar to mine.