Concrete decorations you can make at home

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DIY concrete decorations can be made from ready mix available at the store

Decorative concrete or creative concrete?

Decorative concrete has a liquid consistency, which is why it is used for various casts. Creative concrete, on the other hand, has a very plastic structure, which is why it is used mainly for modeling various shapes. Both types of concrete can be processed to give the desired shape. Concrete can be painted with spray paint, for example.

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DIY decorations from creative concrete

You can make decorations out of creative concrete such as:

  • sculptures;
  • christmas decorations that are cut out with larger cookie cutters;
  • bowls with a botanical theme;
  • candle holders;
  • flower pots.

DIY decorations made from decorative concrete:

Decorative concrete can be used to make, among other things:

  • concrete letters,
  • vases with an interesting structure,
  • tables,
  • stools.
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