How to make icing? Recipe

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To create the icing that you will use to decorate your baked goods, you only need two products that you are sure to find in your kitchen. You may be tempted to go for the classic version, or to add some color to it. Find out how to make the best icing!

Icing is absolutely unbeatable when it comes to quickly helping you decorate your cake. Its biggest advantage is its quick preparation and trivial recipe. It will only take a few minutes to prepare it!


Using the recipe below, you will get 140 grams of icing, which will give you about 480 calories.

To prepare the icing you will need:

  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or water – 20 g;
  • 10 tablespoons powdered sugar – 120 g.

Place the lemon juice or water in a bowl, getting rid of the seeds and pieces of the fruit beforehand. Then add 8 tablespoons of powdered sugar and mash the whole. If the spoons of sugar were fuller, this amount will probably be enough for you. Control the consistency of the mixture, which should become thicker and thicker and finally set

This is the right time to add the food coloring. Combine a small amount of gel food colouring with the icing and see if you are happy with the result. Add another drop if necessary.

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