How to make an Easter palm tree step by step?

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The Easter Palm is one of the most important symbols of Easter. It is indispensable during Palm Sunday, which falls a week before Easter. You can buy palms in many stores, but we recommend that you make your own

What can you make a Palm of?

Depending on your skills and needs, you can make an Easter Palm out of artificial additives, fresh flowers and leaves, or dried ones. For beginners, it is recommended to choose a palm made of artificial additives such as draped paper and tissue paper. They look pretty and colorful. If you want to make it from dried plants, you need to make preparations a little earlier. Most often, dried rye and wheat, i.e. last year’s crops, are used for palms. In addition, dried flowers are usually additionally dyed with paints to make them more colorful

What to make the stem of an Easter palm?

Tradition says that the stem of the palm should be made of willow twigs picked on Ash Wednesday. In Christianity, the willow symbolizes immortality and the resurrection of the soul. Remember that the twigs must be strong and rigid to support the entire structure. Ideally, you should tie several thin twigs together. This will make the palm tree stable and finish the top with bases

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How to make an Easter palm tree – step by step

To make a palm tree, you need:

  • a strong and stiff willow branch,
  • colored tissue paper and crepe paper,
  • thin wires,
  • boxwood branches,
  • fresh flowers – daffodils and other flowers that have already bloomed,
  • dry crops,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • thin thread,
  • self-adhesive and double-sided tape

If you already have the branches, it’s time to decorate your Easter palm. When you want it to be unique and colorful, you can combine all the elements in it, that is dried crops, fresh flowers and decorations made of tissue paper. To begin with, start with tissue paper flowers

There are many ways in which you can make tissue paper flowers. Two of the most common ones are listed below

First way

Take tissue paper and cut off a piece of tissue paper 8 cm wide and 50 cm long. Fold the tissue paper twice in half, and then in three times. Cut the edges of the folded piece of tissue paper at the edges, up to half of their length. Also cut the tissue paper and divide into 5 equal pieces. Then round the ends of the cut fragments. Unfold the whole, the fragments should resemble the shape of petals. Cut them in half and stick them on each other. Fold them another 2 times in half and cut both bottom tips at an angle. Cut a triangle shape in the middle of the bottom. Unfold, brush the bottom of the cuts with glue and roll the tissue paper to form a flower

Second method:

Cut two rectangular pieces of tissue paper of different colors. One should be longer and wider and the other shorter and narrower. Fold the smaller rectangle in half 2 times perpendicular to the longer edge. Cut a wave shape on it, similarly cut off the edge of the larger rectangle. Brush the bottom of the smaller piece with glue and roll it up to resemble the center of a flower. Then glue the larger rectangle around it, shaping the tissue paper into petal shapes

Once the flowers are done, start decorating the Easter palm. Always start from the bottom. Remember that you need to leave an empty space where you will hold the palm, which is about 10 cm. To start with, we recommend wrapping the branches with colored tissue paper. It is worth sticking it on glue and wrapping it with a thread of a similar color. Then put the decorations on. The best on the palm look boxwood branches, attached alternately with forsythia flowers. Tie them with thread

Then add fresh flowers and dried cereals, which you can also attach to the stem with thread. Finally, decorate the palm tree with tissue paper flowers. Attach a thin wire to each piece. With its help, the artificial flowers will be cleverly woven into the branches. As a finishing touch, add a bow made of colored ribbon. Remember that the decorations must be firmly attached so that they do not fall off on the way to the church. It is assumed that the palm tree should last until the end of Easter.

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