5 Ways to Incorporate Modern Abstract Art into Your Home

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Art isn’t just for galleries anymore—these days, it can be displayed in your own home or office space, adding color, life, and creativity to any room. Many of the most popular choices are modern abstract art pieces, as they make interesting accents that add a unique flair to your living environment. If you’re interested in bringing this trend into your home or office space but aren’t sure where to start, these five tips will help you incorporate modern abstract art into your environment seamlessly.

2) Hang it in the right way

 Art doesn’t have to be framed in a traditional way, or on a traditional surface. It’s OK if there is space between it and another piece; the contrast just adds visual interest. Place colorful abstract art (or any size) over textured surfaces such as brick or stone for an interesting juxtaposition; keep them larger-than-life and near floor level for added drama. If you’re looking for something specific, place pieces that are more muted colors against lighter colors to create contrast. Or hang abstract wall art at different heights on the same wall–it will create visual interest while still being cohesive. Check out contemporary abstract art for sale and see what fits your style best!

3) Add some texture

The best way to incorporate modern abstract art into your home is by displaying it in a prominent space. If you have a large wall that’s begging for some color, then abstract art is the perfect solution. Abstract art can be displayed vertically or horizontally, so it doesn’t have to cover the entire wall! And with so many different options available (contemporary abstract art, colorful abstract art, large abstract wall art) there’s something for every taste. To make sure you get the most out of your investment, make sure to check what type of material each piece is made from. 

4) Allow the art to affect you emotionally

Modern art is all about emotions. It’s not about the subject, it’s about how it makes you feel. Abstract paintings use lines, shapes, and colors in unusual ways to stir something deep within us – that feeling of being lost or free like we’re floating weightlessly through space. When you’re standing in front of an abstract painting, you can’t help but be drawn in by its beauty and mystique. There are many ways you can integrate modern abstract art into your home decor, from using it as a focal point for a room, or to decorating your walls. 

4) Get the perfect piece

If you’re looking for modern abstract art, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect piece. But don’t worry! We’re here to help with some different ways that you can incorporate abstract art pieces into your home and make them a part of your everyday life. 

First off, this is an affordable way to start. If you need some more contemporary abstract art for your space, there are tons of options available online. 

Second, whether it’s bright or dark colors, paintings and sculptures give color and texture in a way that only the most expensive furnishings cannot match. 

Thirdly: most large abstract wall arts come ready to hang with all the hardware necessary for installation included!

5) Add more than one piece

Modern abstract art is a beautiful way to incorporate a colorful contemporary touch into any room. Read on for some ideas and inspiration!

1) Contemporary abstract art can be placed on the wall or as a focal point in any room. Hang it up with some simple metal hooks, and use picture wire for items that are too large for the hooks. Make sure you include your purchase price if you plan on reselling the piece. 

2) Large abstract wall art goes great in an office or living room space where it can really stand out against a plain white wall. 

3) Colorful abstract art adds an artistic flare to any space and looks great when paired with sleek furniture and natural light that would otherwise be less of an accent color. 

4) Place contemporary art pieces on mantles, side tables, or even outside so that they’re visible from all angles. 

5) Go big or go home: Larger pieces often make a bigger impact than smaller ones do, especially if they’re one-of-a-kind works of art. 

When incorporating modern abstract artwork into your home, consider what colors work best with the other colors in your house (e.g., black and white).


Contemporary abstract art has seen a huge surge in popularity recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does it look great on your walls, but it is also a fantastic way of expressing yourself and making a statement. If you are still looking for the perfect piece of contemporary art, then you should check out some online stores. You can find lots of abstract art for sale that we know you’ll love!

Main photo: Anni Roenkae/pexels.com

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