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Industrial style is still popular in interior design. This is due to its originality and simplicity, which introduces a unique atmosphere to the rooms. However, many people think that it is impossible to achieve an effective and stylish arrangement in small interiors. Fortunately, it is enough to use a few clever tricks to enjoy fashionable and stylish industrial atmosphere even in a small living room

History of industrial style

Industrial style was born in 1950s. It originated in the United States, from where it came to Europe. At that time, on the real estate markets in the United States, bargain offers began to appear for the purchase of post-factory rooms, warehouses and workshops. Artists decided to use their huge potential to create a completely new style, which very quickly became synonymous with bohemian art. Then it was associated with luxury and wealth, which only few could afford. Despite its austere appearance, it delighted even then and still delights today, enjoying unflagging popularity. Currently, industrial interiors are arranged in traditional buildings, so in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to follow a few rules, characteristic of loft rooms

sypialnia w stylu loftowym ze starą ścianą
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Space is the most important

Arranging an industrial living room, you should remember that the original interiors in this style were characterized by an open space, not limited by any partition walls. Therefore, to strengthen the effect, it is good to avoid dividing the rooms with walls, creating, for example, a kitchen combined with a living room or office. You should also take care of large windows, which are a characteristic feature of this style. If we can not afford to replace them, just get rid of all kinds of curtains and drapes, letting in more daylight

Colors and textures matter

Industrial style is, in addition to spacious space, also the right colors and textures of materials. White, all kinds of grays, copper and black are colors that work best in industrial living rooms. In case of walls and floor, it is good to bet on such materials as tiles imitating raw concrete, half-timbered wall or dark, aged wood. In order for the interior not to be too harsh and cold, you can enrich the living room with a few accessories in slightly more decisive colors, for example arranging contrasting cushions or blankets on sofas

Furniture bitten by the tooth of time

When decorating an industrial style living room, you can allow yourself a lot of freedom in choosing furniture. However, it is worth keeping in mind that originally this type of interiors were decorated using random elements found in garbage dumps. Therefore, if you care about the best possible effect, bet on furniture with soul, which can be found at online auctions or flea markets. An interesting idea for furnishing the interior of the living room in industrial style is also the use of furniture and accessories finished with metal elements, such as legs or corner fittings

wyspa kuchenna w stylu loftowym
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Accessories with a soul

In the industrial living room can also not miss the accessories with soul, such as oil lamps or aged mirrors in metal frames, which will go perfectly with the raw, concrete walls and wooden floors

The aforementioned elements are the components which allow to obtain an original and recently very fashionable industrial style in the interiors of living rooms. It will work especially well among people who appreciate large space, as well as minimalism and raw finish. To maintain the coherence of the living room with other rooms, it is also worth trying to arrange, for example, the kitchen in the same aesthetics, so that the whole will look really impressive.

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