Beautiful and practical Easter decorations that will come in handy in the kitchen

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Easter is a special time to spend with loved ones. Joyful, colorful Easter decorations should be beautiful and practical. Which decorations work best in the kitchen?

Easter – the most important holiday for Christians

Easter is the oldest and most important Christian holiday. It commemorates the passion and death of Christ. This holiday has a lot of different symbols, the most popular include:

  • egg,
  • chicken,
  • a lamb,
  • bunny.
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12 beautiful and practical Easter decorations

1. Paper napkins

Paper napkins are available in different colors and patterns. These napkins work great as:

  • table decoration during a festive breakfast,
  • decoration of the Easter basket.

2. Napkins

Napkins are the element, which cannot be missing during ceremonial meals. It is advisable that the napkins have decorative shapes, sizes, and colors. Spring napkins in the shape of a bunny, a rabbit, a hare, a rabbit, a rabbit, a hare, a hare, a hare:

  • hare,
  • eggs.

3. Tablecloths, runners, napkins

Christmas decorations made of fabric are very practical and much more durable than paper ones. A napkin with an embroidered Christmas pattern is an ideal decoration for an Easter basket.

Tablecloths and table runners are nice and practical decorations for the Easter table. In stores there is a very large selection of designs and colors, so you can choose such a decoration for any interior.

4. Easter figurines

Easter figurines are decorations that give the interior a festive atmosphere. The most popular are Easter decorations made of porcelain and ceramics. If there are children at home, it is advisable to choose Easter decorations made of wood.

5. Easter figurines – lambs

The lamb is a very important symbol of Christianity. A porcelain lamb figurine is ideal as part of the Easter meal and table decorations.

6. Decorations on a stick

Decorations are also decorations on sticks. Such accessories will be the perfect complement to the spring floral compositions, holly and reeds.

7. Decorative wooden eggs

Decorative wooden eggs can be purchased in a variety of designs and colors, and are the perfect complement to the Easter basket and table decoration.

8. Easter vases

Vases in decorative shapes are the perfect complement to Easter decorations. A great decoration is a white ceramic vase in the shape of a rabbit. Vases with floral motifs will complement the ceramic tableware on the table.

9. Easter centerpieces

Tableware can also be a beautiful and practical decoration for the Easter table. No one can resist a bowl and salad bowl in the shape of a bunny or a cup with a floral design.

10. Easter egg decorations

In Easter holidays, one of the most important products are eggs, which are served in many ways. Egg plates should relate to Easter in shape or color. An interesting alternative to plates are egg cups, which can have different shapes, such as hare or hen.

11. DIY Easter decorations

Preparing DIY Easter decorations is not difficult. The most popular Easter table decoration are handmade Easter eggs. They are best made from egg shells. The only thing that limits us in decorating Easter eggs is our imagination. They are usually decorated with:

  • with markers,
  • with food coloring,
  • wool,
  • stickers.

Such painted egg shells will be the decoration of the basket with the holy day, and later the Easter table.

12. DIY Easter table decorations

It is worth taking care of the appropriate setting for the festive Easter breakfast. You can do it yourself:

  • placemats – by cutting out any spring pattern from fabric, e.g. a yellow chick;
  • napkin with sprigs of boxwood – an interesting decorative element will be folded napkin tied with a ribbon with boxwood;

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  • cress in eggshells (sow it a week earlier);
  • oats in jars decorated with ratafia;
  • hyacinths, tulips in pots;
  • paper decorations hung on rattan string;
  • felt bunnies for eggs.
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