Capsule Wardrobe. A concept that frees you from unnecessary things

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Each of us sometimes struggles with the belief that there is nothing to wear. We flip through our closet from top to bottom, browse all the hangers, look in the darkest, furthest corners… and still nothing

Then you probably ask yourself: is it time for new clothes? Our answer is – no! It is time for a capsule closet.

Closet of a minimalist

Capsule closet is the best friend of every minimalist. Huge amount of clothes at some point begins to get tired. You buy more clothes from the latest collections of your favourite stores, you have something for every weather and season, and still you are not able to create the perfect outfit in the morning. In addition, you are running out of space in your closet and are faced with a decision – buy another piece of furniture or go through your closet and decide what to leave, what to give away or sell?

Capsule wardrobe is a great lesson in minimalist lifestyle. Not sure how it would work? Very simply! In your capsule closet, there is room for only those items of clothing that are classic, timeless and will combine easily with others. All clothes and accessories must work together. This is the only way to create a simple and effective capsule closet that actually serves its purpose… and at the same time you can impress everyone with your styling!

How to put together a capsule closet?

Despite appearances, in a minimalistic closet you will find everything you need for everyday styling, for work, and for bigger occasions. But what should a capsule closet consist of to be suitable for any occasion?

First of all, go for plain clothes in neutral colors. They will be a great background for any look and will not go out of fashion for many seasons. A well created capsule closet will contain only a few pieces of essential clothing each. So instead of twenty blouses, you’ll find five of them in there, but with the right accessories, you’ll be able to combine them with your pants or skirts for endless outfits

You must take into account that your closet should consist of clothes for every season. This way, the same t-shirt you wear in the summer, you can also wear in the winter – you just need to complement it with a jacket or a cardigan.

Good and bad habits

The things that make our lives difficult are often ingrained in us and hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, bad habits have it that we find it easier to get over them than the good ones.

To create the perfect minimalist’s closet, you need to seriously rethink how you approach shopping. Does every discount and change of season make you rush to the stores? Do pop-up ads for online stores make you can’t help but click on them? Or do you keep your favorite pants for the second year with the belief that someday you will finally lose weight to them?

These are bad habits you need to get rid of if you want to keep your closet minimalist. Say hello to good habits instead – don’t keep clothes you won’t wear again. Arrange everything in your closet by color, and you’ll see how much easier it will be for you to create everyday looks.

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