How do I store my shoes?

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Storing shoes in an apartment can be quite a hassle. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where they can hide their shoes, especially if we have quite a few household members. However, there are simple solutions that will help us to hide all pairs of shoes invisibly.

Long cabinet in the hallway

Furniture manufacturers create very ingenious designs that work not only as an elegant complement to our apartment, but most importantly are a great place for storage. One of such proposals is a long shoe cabinet, which at the same time can be a perfect seat. Two shelves placed under the seat make it possible to store even a dozen or so pairs of shoes. It can be placed against the wall in the hallway. Its functionality surely goes hand in hand with comfort and great design. Various types of upholstery for the seat, as well as the possibility of choosing cushions for the seat makes it possible to adjust the cabinet to the style of our apartment

Shoe boxes

Not many people store their shoes in original boxes. Special shoe boxes, which take up much less space, are a very good idea. Shoes are stacked on top of each other, so the box takes up half the space. In addition, there is a special partition between the shoes, so they do not deform during storage. Many people praise this solution, because less frequently used shoes can be stored on a shelf in the closet.

Shoe organizers for the closet

For the hallway, where we do not have space for large shelves for shoes, a good solution are shoe organizers, which we can hang on a rod in the closet or on a hanger in the hall. They are foldable and made of fabric. They are easy to clean and fold. The shoes in the organizer are easy to arrange according to our liking. The shelves are stacked on top of each other, so the organizer itself doesn’t take up much space

Cantilevered shelves on the wall

If we have unused space in the hall, e.g. above a seat, or between a built-in closet and a door from the living room or another room, we can easily use it for storing shoes. Angled shelves fixed to the wall will allow us to segregate and store our shoes. They are fixed in such a way that shoes will not slip off them, and at the same time they can hold many pairs of shoes in one place

Puffa – a seat with hidden storage

If we don’t have space for a shoe shelf in the hall, it’s worth investing in a seat with hidden storage. Under the cushion there is a hidden space where we can hide shoes we don’t use every day

Hanging shoe organizer

Hanging shoe organizers are also available with pockets to fit e.g. summer shoes or flip-flops for household members. You can place the organizer in the closet or on the front door. It’s an easy way to store your shoes when you don’t have enough room in the closet.

Pull-out drawers under the stairs

Often the space under the stairs is unused by us. You can easily utilize it by making a built-in shoe storage in it. Pull-out shoe shelves will allow you to put all our shoes or slippers for guests on them. What’s important, you can create shelves of different heights, so we can fit not only low shoes under the stairs, but also footwear with high uppers, such as winter boots.

Designer ladder for stilettos

For fans of high heels, designers have prepared a wooden ladder, on which you can hook shoes with higher heels. They don’t take up much space and make it easy to organize your favorite stilettos.

Shoe rack

Standing shoe racks have also been designed with small apartments in mind. They’re easy to keep, so you can be sure your shoes won’t change shape during storage. At the bottom of the hanger, there are high rules, adjusted to winter shoes, such as boots. Higher up, there is room for lower shoes. On one rack, we can find space for up to twenty pairs of shoes.

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