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A jute string rug is a wonderful decorative element that will appeal to lovers of boho style. Although you can buy it in many stores, it is worth trying to make it yourself. It is not difficult, and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Boho style is becoming more and more popular

Natural colors, wood, wicker, natural fabrics, plants… Harmonious combination of nature, functionality and stylish design. That is, in a nutshell, how boho style can be described. If you enter such an interior, you will immediately recognize it, because in a boho environment you just want to stay and relax! 

The great thing is that you don’t have to buy everything. After all, it’s also about creativity and self-expression, which is absolutely in keeping with the artistic spirit. If you want to have a boho interior design, you can make some of the decorative elements yourself, a great example being a jute string rug. Check out how to make it – it’s not a difficult art, and the whole game can bring the contractor a lot of satisfaction. 

Jute cord rug – how to make it yourself?

Let’s start with shopping. You will need: about 8 meters of jute rope with a diameter of 30 mm, mounting glue or hot glue and material or an old rug – diameter 50 mm. And now… do it yourself!

Wind the jute rope into a snail – tightly and carefully so that it does not unravel. Put glue on the rolled up rope. It is important to carefully secure the edges of the circle with glue. Glue the prepared fabric or an old rug onto the just rolled up rope. This will protect the floor from scratches. Now it remains only to wait until the glue dries. Wasn’t it difficult?

Jute rug – where to put it?

Such a decorative element can work great for example in the hallway, although it will fulfill its role in any room. Everywhere will introduce an atmosphere of naturalness and coziness. Such a boho carpet is also an ideal solution when you want to change the character of your interior. It will also work well in elegant interiors or those maintained in the industrial style, which is also gaining more and more followers. Make your own jute rug and enjoy an original decor!

main photo: Hollingworth

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